The Incorrect Ways Of Doing Thing Is Harmful To Conscientiousness Of Your Kids 

September 03 [Fri], 2010, 11:09
The parents destructive criticism him when a child did not do a thing well, such as the child has a profanity. at Any Time: Mastering diesel jeans The denial of the child will make him feel too painful because of doing one things wrong. He will find that the responsibility is the same as suffering.Lauren Conrad also Adore Alluring wedding jewelry

As a man, if in his unconsciousness, the responsibility is equal to the pain, then he can not become a good husband. How to Browse like Fergie with weddings dress As a woman, if in her unconsciousness, the responsibility is equal to the pain, then how could she take care of her children! If we are too strict about children, it will only let them fear to take responsibility, and be afraid of failure and punishment. If we are too harsh on children and punish them when they made a mistake, which will lead to the children's irresponsibility because he think that he can't take responsibility.

Taking the place of kids and taking care of everything for them will lead to a sense of dependence of them. A basic principle is each life has to bear his responsibility as a man independently. No one can take responsibility for others; however, some parents think that they can. In fact, you can only help them at present, but not in the future, nor as an individual being.

You must trust the children in order to build their sense of responsibility, even you don't. It's more efficient to trust and persuade them patiently other than forbid children to do this or that thing.

Parents domineer, require and force children with their own standards, so once they are forced they take no responsibility.

* Parents are always worried about their child and supervise him. But when the child said to you:[I can manage myself. Don`t worry", you shouldn`t express your distrust even you really worry.
* What you should do is to make a further certainty of rules. You ask him: [How do you prepare to take care of yourself? What do you do everyday? What books do you read? From what time to what time-"
* So, from the beginning of talking about general responsibility to confirm that down later, it is actually equivalent to the two sides having reached an agreement, signed the contract.
* Praise them if they fulfill their promise; otherwise, help them find out the reasons for the failure. Then, they can keep their self-esteem and learn to keep promise also.

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