Wu De past still not used to this service

May 23 [Thu], 2013, 11:11
Xing a time it didn't understand what is the meaning of Wu De head. Thin, this is not it? Only the rich, he was fat, people have always been slim. The children were thinner nothing strange. Wu De to was not this, he saw from the children who feel a sense of urgency to these children's health is worrying. He is in charge of labor affairs, the labor body clear, most just recruit workers, although the strength is not small, but also hard-working competent, are in the cost of overdraft vitality of their physical quality is not enough to meet such a heavy labor. So he in the food supply always favorably, greatly also is to let these chronic malnutrition laborers can be strong. Now, adults are stronger,Cheap Oakley Juliet, children in malnourished old, so the national constitution does not always improve anymore? Lenovo recently recruited soldiers quality is bad enough, if the future and is famous for the brute force of Yong peccary skin are fighting,Crossbodys Coach UK, the body he was a little worried. Wu De think, now the food rationing system can be completely abolished in the years after the monetary distribution system completely, but it depends on financial sector to use what is the use of monetary policy. Cheng Dong has been doing recently survey,Coach Crossbodys Online, years after the implementation of the monetary reform system will be comprehensive, and employment system and the system will also do some improvement. Back to his apartment in the commune is room his domicile in the commune, 100 courtyard, outside is a office, there is a bedroom. The walls painted white, also posted a "people's navy to defend the motherland's territorial waters" posters, C37 anti-submarine frigate is above he served ship, looking very friendly. When I will be back to the naval service, Secretary of the commune was not good when ah. The room to sleep early rain, still sitting there waiting for him. To see him come back tightly over and took the water to him wash and tea. See he tired, hurriedly knelt down to take off his shoes and feet. This feudal society of women that is still good, Wu De past still not used to this service, but now be accustomed to. After changing a pair of straw slippers for him, small voice ask: "master to eat supper?" "No, too much trouble." Wu Dezhi canteen supper is nothing more than some rice porridge salted fish, he has no interest in, or find a chance to about a few people go hunting. Listen to the commune members said high mountains can hit a wild boar and deer. He is not interested in wild boar, venison is good, and that local pheasant, hare no less. Several North America seems like a hunting enthusiast, about them. Think of hunting thought of gun. Her two guns haven't rub the sleep in he also don't want to. Simply wipe gun. The office has a meeting table. He turned on the light to put his 54 guns and 56 half on the table open in the light. The parts are placed in a paper plate. Then from the hand bag with 56 half small pot and a small group of cotton yarn. Start maintenance of weapons. Hainan in winter night temperature is 18 degrees up and down. The sea breeze was blowing. The cool months high drop of rain did not come. Null >
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