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September 18 [Wed], 2013, 17:54
; "Because ...... you to keep its promise to allow themselves to be a person, you vapid let your brother He Jin pain , or to conservative that secret , somans , you ask yourself, in your heart , you in the end , love yourself more Some , still love your brother He Jin more you think about it , you do it , is not it selfish ? " somans hung his head , as if clouds river sobering . Yes ! Let her vapid Jin Li He misunderstood her , but also for that person keep secrets. She let yourself become true to its word , they just severely Canada Goose Women's Trillium Parka hurt Li He Jin . She perfected himself and hurt the people who love her . She is indeed very selfish ! "Also, somans , " Jiang clouds continue to persuade her , "Everyone has should be responsible for what they are doing , especially when hurt others , it should meet the brave assume their responsibilities ! " Hidden in listen somans house and talk to Li He Jin Jiang clouds , seems to have finally found somans hiding something , he could not help but rushed out from the house to seize somans arms . " Somans , in the end what is the secret you looked at me and Women's North Face Pink Ribbon He would rather have blindly rain wounded hide ? Do you know when I know that He is the rain you push down the hillside at that moment, my heart how much pain ? " " He Jin brother ...... I'm sorry ...... I'm sorry ...... " somans cry again . Is bad for her . Is her selfishness . However, she can not say ah ! That person ...... is her friend ah ! Is it really should betray her ? Dilemma ! " Somans ...... Is that you ? " Somans being broke down in tears when crying , behind her voice sounded a touch of preparedness . A girl quickly ran to her side , standing opposite her , and looked alert , staring at her, " somans , how can you be here ? Do not you go abroad ? Why did you come back ? You want and Li Brother say what ? " " somans was going to tell Li He Jin , three years ago, how He rain falling hillside . " Jiang clouds aware of what deliberately say so. Girl was outraged , she rushed to tear somans . " Somans , you go ! Are you out of here ! Not welcome here , you do not , and Li Brother nonsense, He rain is that you push down the mountain ! Your brother and then how to Li sophistry , Li brother will not believe you, you go ! "Jiang clouds grab the girl's arm and pulled her away from the Men's North Face Ski Clearance Sale somans side. Somans stare big eyes looked incredible in the hands of clouds in the river struggling girl, trembling voice shaking his head , " consonance ! ...... I really can not think of how you can say ? How can you say that ! You actually say ...... He pushed me down the mountain rain ? "" Yes ! that ! yes you put the rain He pushed down the mountain ! " Song consonance look mad , blood-red eyes somans wait to shreds , " He kissed the rain is just what you only, you put him down the mountain, you this ruthless woman, you do not deserve to appear here ! "she crazy conceal the inner panic. She hated to let Li He Jin somans . She does not allow them to return somans two brothers around , especially Li He rain . Li He is her rain , crazy stupid idiot is her , who also can not grab her ! " Song consonance ! Are you crazy ! How can you be so slandered me ? " Somans trembling fingers live Song consonance nose. Her how she can be so vilified wronged her ? She was her best friend ah ! How she can !
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