stature backward anxious fold

August 29 [Thu], 2013, 13:11
Today Paul at the end update a chapter, stomach and committed. Tomorrow it could go to the hospital examination, it seems that this week only maintain a more up. Taoist deer being pondered future plans, suddenly see the underwater saw a silver blows, suddenly exploded at the foot of wood pulp, wood wool into the sky. Zhang Hao behind like a ghost usually appears beside him. Wood wool filled the air, mixed with an extremely rich salty sea in the air, and the water released into the atmosphere in this group among Jianmang sharp break from the water out, deer Taoist physical distraction of a resist rain spiritual power hood, also stimulated by this Jianmang broken open. Body was drenched in cold water, so that he suddenly woke up, saw his dream was not realized. Right hand a shake, emerged out of the sea into a shuttle soared. Shuttle soared away toward Zhang Haofei shè was Li River Dragon withstand, two forces intersect broke out a bright sparkling sparks. Zheng! Shuttle soared by Li River Dragon Sword withstand, like guns generally starched long rope, suddenly bent up into a scarlet snake, a small gilded tearing tearing Shekou Nobuko, a Unit of the venom from the mouth dark violent spray shè out. Taoist see deer venom spit out his eyes flashed over Henli. Remove a spell from the waist side, I saw painted on top of a dagger shape spell, this spell is called the sword breaks, there are number of restrictions, but allows holders to spell only when the crisis broke out in a strong Shazhao. Zhang Hao see each other a mere one-saver repair persons, hearts will be some effect, and was based on this shuttle soared out of the snake's venom form of a spray, spirit dizzy, as if some body wears both a sense of instability, which makes him surprise. Shame furious and said: "You are too let me down, even by a saver who get so embarrassed repair!" Zhang Hao soul unfold, stature backward anxious fold, suddenly I saw a break from sword to kill himself. Quickly cāo control seep Long Block, but it breaks the sword, is very tricky, very strange running routes, each staggered Li River Long edge, yīn insurance door to Zhang Hao days to attack. Taoist Zhang Hao saw that deer are trying out several strange yīn trick, people are very hard, my heart feel some anger. Wrist a shake, Hanmang blows, sword watershed into the sky, the body before they emerge out of a water curtain, Li River Long Janus forward one a thorn. Water curtain in front of it as a small stone thrown into water, rippling slightly up, slightly undulating ripples among a heavy sword Jianmang converging toward shaking Taoist kill deer away. Taoist saw deer in front of the water curtain, that he never ran away from the sword is not, then cast out of the cable xìng suffer the law, give full control to proceed in the cāo FU Jian Hao knowledge to kill Haitian doors away. Fu sword into the water curtain range among a rotating saw water vortex, bland water waves emerge out among dozens of interlaced sword Italy, suddenly blocking the character's sword. Taoist heart of a deer urgent, this is his last kill with, if it is blocked, it will certainly this kid himself beheaded by the sword. This breaks the sword quickly cāo control Jianmang gap from being penetrated by. This symbol sword was repeated dozens Jianmang interception, slash, sword breaks up a slender strayed rift. FU Jian Hao reflected in the water even crossed swords meaning of waterlines asked to kill himself over, flashed a little surprised to feel the heart of the sè. But he breaks this North Face Hyvent channel power of the sword is not good. Jianmang convergence heavy sword Taoist intention was to kill the deer away, in front of undulating waves as if Men's North Face Nuptse Down an invisible force, oppression live. Deer Taoist stature falls above the water, feet strayed a group of Reiki, the sea conceal his ankle, so his body is about to depletion of the spiritual power, a little to get a little relief. Fu Hao sword in front of the spinner, left the right cut thorn, but every time the difference is low in milliohms opened its escape. Taoist Jianmang among deer eyes is getting bigger, like many of the small Frostbolt, fly shè come from all round, Senleng cold cháo let him staring upright. Came an ankle sticky feeling, then it cold cháo rapid climb up all the way from the feet, quickly put him into a hard freeze ice. Taoist deer among ice crystals still maintain pinch summary of the action, finger north face clearance sale close together, God sè careful look. Originally hack toward Zhang Hao prick symbol sword, the lack of knowledge of God's cāo control, towering several feet from the front outside Hao falling down, use of force by Zhang Hao took an invasion which, erasing the mark where deer Taoist, put it in the Qiankun Dai Fu sword income. Looking ahead to be frozen into a ball of ice crystals deer Taoist, Zhang Hao feel a lot of knowledge among the sea cháo decision of the supernatural character xi, Xi saw the decision of the supernatural character cháo above, do not know when more than a hint extremely strange chill, which shares a vast difference among the absorption of cold and chill not the same, but he was cold from the shares being felt Murong snow familiar atmosphere, was this freezing cold so common, as ice. This allows cháo lethal tidal decision, there has been a qualitative leap. He raised his hand, and a lift into a mass of ice crystals deer Taoist, functioning body sorcerer blood, undulating waves in stature among the rapid run up. His soul has been quietly locked with Xing, this guy must be captured alive, he can in this chaotic place when the head of a martial art also is not easy to develop your own door forces, we need such a person to help themselves. Xing control feijian surges from the sea and on. Suddenly I saw the dragon gate stood a man on top of the pier, he attentively, and saw it standing dragon gate terminal poly Yunfeng, and they have seen several predecessors. Press Jianguang his mind a hi falling from the sky bowed: "Crane Gate Xing Meet seniors!" Iwamatsu child already received acoustic Zhang Hao, wears his body was sealed to live, but saver realm Xing Nature can not see, which over the nearby islands who have in many repair under begged elixir poly Yunfeng, Xing door as the head of the crane is naturally recognize Iwamatsu child. Iwamatsu son looked at him dressed in pale blue robe over some waters are contaminated, the three strands of the lower jaw are also some messy beard, his eyes showing a trace of scorn among the sè said: "You come from the sea is what?" Xing said: "It is!" Iwamatsu son looked at Xing said: "If I have no reason to fight your meal, you do not get mad mad!" It's baffling words, nor head no tail look, can not help but feel a bit bad Xing. Iwamatsu son looked a little nervous appearance Xing said: "I hit your meal, you can not die, do you have to worry about it?" Then they roll up the line and sleeves, stature like the Tigers in general, single-handedly knock at Xing Feijian hilt on the other hand is in Xing's body orifices point on, again and again a few clicks, the whole body orifices point Xing have closed up. Iwamatsu sub refining puppet abnormal understand human nature, these tactics than he Hao, naturally, to be rougher, but not rounded closed Xing repair this saver who is not a purely spiritual power body repair persons is more than enough . Iwamatsu child although Hao Shoufu, but his body wasted herbs Hao is his life savings, and later by Zhang Hao severely Haibian a meal, his mind a gas ah! Today let Iwamatsu acoustic Hao Xing to catch this son, and my heart is pressing a Iwamatsu sub group anger, which is definitely not kill people to kill, but whatever the outcome, but also eliminate cool down. Xing was originally on Iwamatsu child will feel fear, after all, the other party is who wears throughout the repair, but did not think the other side will be to their sudden violence. Iwamatsu child a lift Xing, raised a hand that is a mind throwing punches, the fight Xing pain cold sweat. Punch hit, Iwamatsu child suddenly they all feel so comfortable, in turn began to repeated violence. While playing a then Hema said: "These people say make you feel at ease in the door practice, not to provoke those formidable opponent than you, chose not to listen, even to ask for trouble, even I have been seeding it!" Iwamatsu child one would playing side of the curse, but dozens blink of an eye, while waving dozens of punches! This is the kind of meat dozens of punches, using his physical strength. Iwamatsu child playing some asthma, and loosen Xing allowed to fall to the ground. Xing Although all orifices point was blocked, but the soul can also operate Di heard he was lying on the ground behind the feijian suddenly behind him like a dragon in general, into the sky, toward Iwamatsu son kills from.
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