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August 23 [Thu], 2012, 10:26

nike high heels GAP last year, go to the "Sex and City" actress Sarah Jessica Parker to do the spokesperson, pink wool blouse, Plaid long scarves, shiny waist The buckle, Sarah successfully perform the GAPs "What would you wear GAP?" slogan. MNG, GAP, NineWest, Kookai, including mainland China has not landed H & M, Topshop, ZARA, etc., international fashion brand on the mode of operation such as a brilliant conclusion, namely: "first-class image, second-rate products, third-rate price. "educated youth loved by the young British" Guardian "has been concerned about fashion trends, they would have raised the concept of McFashion - a McDonalds (McDonald) type of cheap, fast and fashionable nike high heels australia "public fashion."

nike heels australia Paris, New York, Milan and London Fashion Week, usually at least two quarters released the latest fashion, fashion for most companies, they at least take a few months only then designed into a finished product. Procedures are as follows: the famous and expensive to hire a designer to design a dress, fabric sourcing in country A, B state printing, C carved the country to a fine embroidery, and ultimately give birth in the D made this skirt. As for our "public fashion" brand, only need to send some buyers around the world, to represent the local focus of the latest fashion trends to bring together, and some even go to the Fashion Week trend of the four "reference" ("reference" The phenomenon is so popular that many front-line fashion brands have begun and some "public fashion" brand signed a book, "the Volkswagen brand," spend some money to get the right to use some of the design) and then integrated by specialized designers then add their own refining design elements, the final system of their own products. These "public fashion" items, collected from the style of design, to final product hanging in the stores racks, this process is often no more than 2 weeks. So, when you just fancy a dress London Fashion Week, three weeks after the Topshop see a similar style, this is not a  nike heels  surprising thing.

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