Sheng Si examination quarantine bureau three square the measure help to push shoe export

July 04 [Mon], 2011, 11:13
Since this year, Sheng Si examination quarantine magistracy in the bureau totally export a shoe product 7 batches, 34,600 pairs of, the goods are worth USD 91,700.Export 5 batches in Japan among them, one batch in the United States.

Always, Sheng Si examine quarantine bureau magistracy mainly with exit marine products article for lord, because magistracy business enterprise scale widespreadly smaller,You can get your favorite coach bags from any Coogi Jeans which can provide you best service. add of marine products article seasonal strong, island wind waves the weather mostly, forbid fishing expect etc. in many ways synthesize the influence of factor, cause local marine products article export increase or decrease trend the most unsteady, check and supervision economic development.Exporting the shoe product is new business that the bureau's magistracy expands, surrender to justice a time after smooth customs clearance in the United States, the stability export of the shoe product has already become the effective means that the magistracy of Sheng Si expands a foreign newly arisen market.

For help to hand a shoe product smooth export, Sheng Si examination quarantine the bureau go deep into a business enterprise for many times the spot investigation instruction, adopt three aspect measure to help to push shoe product export.One is an earnest definition method to check the shoe product is inside the catalogue business enterprise classification management contents and request, responsibility consciousness strengthen a business enterprise, promote a quality management further level and shoe product export quality.Two is the norm and usefulness that enhances to examine to take charge of.For the development need of orientation new business, the bureau strengthens a business training and opens widely the examination level of front-line staff member completely, enlarges to the strength for supporting of business enterprise at the same time and helps business enterprise norm to produce and build up product quality control system, urge business enterprise production and shoe product export to gradually head for correct path.Three is to hard analyze the difficulty that the current business enterprise exists, the dynamic state of confidence latest profession,No special equipment or hookups will be needed. However, the service will only work for customers who have both their cable Women boots through Cablevision. the help business enterprise correct analysis technique export trade faces of situation, solve the work that the business enterprise needs to examine to quarantine section match coordination in the shoe product export business development in time.