Seeing nature is very suffered

March 28 [Wed], 2012, 11:54
Seeing nature is very suffered, words want to be happy, is the time of the affair that oneself likes, affirmation is the most happy time ." Hard listen to the black Chi believe of explain and convince, the little girl stopped a swing and turned head sideways to think.Good Jordan 3 short while time, the black Chi letter has been lookinging at little girl hair Meng.The time that will cannot help but, little girl just happily and slowly says, "I like affair Yao and seem to be from the beginning of kid's park, I liked of the affair is the radio that took a mother to listen to song, the affair that likes most now was to sing a karaoke with father."Make reference to this, little girl suddenly fall low again all of a sudden Cheap Jordan Shoes of say, " but father haven't taken me to sing for a long time." "BE?Originally you like music, so had to want to want to be star to sing on the big satge?" "Star?""Yes, be star, stand on the satge of belonging to your a person to sing, under the set of the audience shout for you." Air Jordan Shoes "Do not know, I have never thought, I~I don't know on the satge is what feel."The little girl turns head sideways to looking at black Chi letter a fan Mang's saying. The black Chi letter discovers that this little girl specially likes to turn head sideways to deliver Meng, facial expression like this lovely pole."That you can try, first you like of sing to start." The little girl tooks a look black Chi letter and ordered to nod, smiling of lucidity."Boon, OPPa your back back of is what." The black Chi letter returns overdo touched touch a guitar on back of bag, smile an answer, "!Elder brother I of this is the guitar, do you want to learn?" "~Guitar!Really?Really?Do you mind if I learn?"The little girl excitement jumps down a swing and run to the black Chi letter is excited before the body of say. Needing Jordan Shoes On Sale little girl to walk up black Chi to believe this to just see the face of pure little girl is a beautiful and slender and cleverly made little girl, touch kind lovely amiability.The black Chi letter has already discovered this little girl, was last time to buy the time of guitar by himself/herself the oddness for discovering little devil. "Certainly is true, I teach you how to play a guitar so now."The black Chi letter took out a guitar and put in two eyes to put bare little girl in front. Black Chi letter and little girl sit on lawn in the park, the Air Jordan 2012 black Chi believes and obeys the most basic beginning to teach the little girl how to play Ji
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