Those days 

2010年06月10日(木) 12時48分

I miss my long hair days that I can just turn it into punk hairdo at will. T____T


2009年05月19日(火) 23時45分

hopefully it works?^^

yet another random entry. 

2007年03月28日(水) 13時25分
haha.wasn't intendin to update this blog.

but i was tempted to put some background music onto the blog,namely JEWEL(coughsnaorockscoughs),but i realised that with my very limited japanese,i couldn't manupilate the blog very help?

anyways,i am intending to put this up.

was youtubing when i saw this.and no.i am not an anti-fan of hers or something.actually i was trying to look for a song by her called thinking about you(?not too sure of the title).

wth.FFAC ripofffffffff!tifa vs loz fight scene.if the director had said that they were cosplaying.fine.but the director claims that it has got nothing to do with it.

ivy as tifa.(?-i don't know his name) as loz.(?-kid) as marlene.

all credits to

i love to bits,they even did a video comparison of the FFAC loz vs tifa fight scene and ivy's temptation of sonata PV.woots.

so even those who knows nuts about FFAC can see the ripoff.

for the entire goodness.please kindly click here.many are hoping that the director of the PV should apologize.after all,they had not obtained the legal rights to copy the FFAC scene into a PV.(many are claiming that the director could get sued.perhaps.)and,it's not ivy's fault.>D

man.i wish that i can read korean.blah.anyone can do translations?gah.

ugh.random entryT.T 

2007年03月27日(火) 14時21分
i lost my entry earlier!am angry!rar!

today i am in mood to take close upshots of weird and queer stuffies,but i realized that my dad's digi camera is not around the meaning,no chance for me to test out my skills once again.omo!

so i shall just post random narci photos and some foodie photos. uberly cute.imagine if nao really called me.i will really spaz and die on the spot.hohohoho.hooray for magical marker!XD.ah,i love that screen cap of nao chan! makes a good wallpapaer~nya!

moving over to other topics,i went to supermarket early in the morning with bro.and saw pocky sticks.which reminded me of the mi-sticks that munz gave me for valentines day so much,that i want to eat it again.the cafe latte has a very nice flavou to it.super yum!but the price puts me off.*gnaw on pocky stick*in the ed i setled for hershey' kissables.haha

picture of the supa nice mi-sticks.jiang jiang jiang jiang~

i ate the mi-sticks while playing the com.hahaha.hence the ugly com table on the background.T.T

was so adicted to editing the photos with the magical marker that i dug out more pictures to decorate(since i got time to wait for the towels to get washed by the washing machine=))

tadah,my oldest vest with hoodie~

yar.i was trying very hard to look neko-ish.but ended up looking like a queer panda with extra eyebags.ggggaaah.*slaps eyebags*yar lar yar lar.i look like a panda.T.T

yar,anways,ever heard about beard papa's cream puff?they are the nicest(prob most sinful thing) around.mmmmm.but it's nice to eat and to indulge in the creamest sensation ever!

Hooray for sinful cream puffs!

let's take a closer look at the vanilla cream puff...

(laughs)i was savouring it while it is screaming silently begging me to let it off.hohoho.

my curent keitai is love now.i love the decoration so much now,that i can kiss it.i have got cutie tigger on it!with some decorative crystals to stick on my keitai,it will look super kawaii.will show you my keitai next time~

meanwhile lots of love from jongx~

P.S:I don't think anyone will be reading this.(laughs)

random post 

2007年03月15日(木) 10時05分

i was supposing that today would be a better day!



2007年02月24日(土) 17時15分
when 2 friends have complimentary characters,their friendship would be able to last forever.someone once told me that.

but what about 2 friends with the exact same similar that you might have thought that a single soul had actually been seperated and lived in 2 different individuals?

it is only a tragedy to begin with.

the amount of hurt involved made us push away almost 10 years of friendship that we painstakingly shared.10 years.if only we had both decided to let go earlier,would that have been better?

we would have both suffered less wouldn't we?


私はUN CLAN を愛する 

2007年02月07日(水) 16時06分

私はUN CLAN を愛する!!!!(笑)

this is one of the few i editted.the rest will be slowly up...i think,when i am i can edit and post them up.

first entry~ 

2007年02月07日(水) 14時50分

yesterday was yunho's birthday!happy birthday~

YUNHO!第22 誕生日!誕生日おめでとう!!!(笑)

i wonder if i can use this gif in my other blog though.(笑)

i don't think so,if any one can help,i would be pleased.*bows*

anyways,i made this for munz.probably cos i am bored.hohoho.i will edit the rest of your Unclan photos with this's so cute.pity i can load it else where.(´┏_┓`)

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