Valuable Benefaction From Warren Buffett

December 16 [Thu], 2010, 15:32

The charitable auction of having lunch together with Warren Buffet, the master investor, pat to 2. GHD Hair Straighteners Trend You Should Never Overlook11 million dollars history record, which surprised this richest man. Go!! Coolest GHD Straighteners Are Launched Buffet said in recent days that the time will not be extended due to the high price. But, people who pat for high price do not think it is waste. The man who spent 650,000 U.S. dollars bought the meal last year said that every cent [worth" that he could talk with the master. This amount of the chance to dining with the "stock god" is more than 3 times than last year, which also set the highest bid of charity auction record of eBay. "It (amount) surprised me," Buffett told the reporter of Associated Press on 1st.

Lunch prices rise year after year while the time for dialogue does not see growth. Then why these opportunities attract more and more people to rush? Gay Spier, the CEO of American Aquamarine property management, won the chance to have lunch with Buffet last year. Later he explained with his own experience that it is worthy of being able to listen to the great investor and having such a close [pilgrimage".

During their talk, every problem raised by Spier was met with simple and philosophic viewpoint by Buffet. During lunch, Buffet often talked about his life and his principles on doing things. For example, his father taught him to rely on his own judgment instead of relying on others to judge when he was young. [To live with your own principle, this is an important point," Spier quotes what Buffett said. If you want to find out whether you are actting in accordance with this principle, just ask yourself a simple question: are you willing to be seen as the best lover around the world, as the worst by youself? Or on the contrary? Buffet did a good job in adapting the conception on investment: totally trust yourself, invest in the [confinement of your ability" and cooperate with people sharing common values.

In the late 90s of last century, when network economy developed rapidly, Buffett has been reluctant to invest in this area and because of which he was often criticized. Since the bubble bursted, people who calmed down from investment frenzy could understand Buffett. "What a better example can you also pursue?" Spier worte in the "Time" magazine, "Two days after we had lunch, the chance of the next lunche has been sold out for 210 million on ebay. The fact indicates that 65 million we cost is definitely much cheaper."

Buffett also visited the Berkshire Hathaway's branded restaurant D&Q and chatted with six local Girl Scouts while tasting the latest ice cream on the day of commenting the charity lunch. Buffett told those middle school or college girls it is better to read more books before they enter the invest world. [It would be much better, if you can ponder and research the investment." Buffett said. These kids asked the world's richest man how to manage money when they at college. Buffett replied that if it possible, they should minimize the use of credit cards, because the current interest rates are high, students easily fall into credit debt. "If I had borrowed money since 18 or 20 years old, I could have been broke." said Baffet.

With the inspiration of his late wife, Susan, Buffet, awarded with stock spirit, begins to auction his lunch time from 2000, and donates the charitable money to Glide Foundation, San Francisco, to salve the poor, the hungery and the homeless. The auction was once held in San Francisco, and was moved to eBay from 2003.