Raphael's lover Funaleinuo, the woman in the portrait, the artist

November 23 [Sun], 2014, 16:09

Zhuang Li majestic hall, convergence of the stars of human wisdom, they are different times, different nationalities, different regions, different schools of eminent scholars, thinkers, past and present generations, academic freedom warmly discussed, indeed filled with contending atmosphere, embodies the essence of the human genius wisdom.Outlet Oil Painting Grand picture composition, visual central character is the ancient Greek philosopher Plato and Aristotle. Around these two great philosophers and scholars drew more than 50 celebrities, each with identity and personality traits. They represent the ancient civilization of seven academic freedom: the grammar, rhetoric, logic, mathematics, geometry, music and astronomy. Painter in order to recognize the human pursuit of wisdom and truth, as well as a tribute to past civilizations, the future development of longing.

"Phi scarf girls" Raphael
"Phi scarf girl" has Villata, is said to be the portrait of Raphael's lover Funaleinuo, the woman in the portrait, the artist depicts not only her beauty and passionate, but also the use of the a very rich color language,Oil Painting put on Funaleinuo faces and bare breasts portrayed very delicate, luxurious dress, complicated and delicate folds simple veil contrast, more to bring out the flesh tender and charm. Dress with white skin color silver tone of each other, so that the screen produces a pure theme.

"Our Lady of the chair," Raphael

Painter special pains in the eyes of the Virgin, is often said that the eyes are the window to the soul, through a pair of eyes can peek into the soul of the sitter. Rafael very good use of the curve shape the image of the painting from frame to frame round combination characters, posture, dress, folds are in various curves constitute unequal length,Cheap Fruit Oil Paintings & Fruit Canvas Wall Art the entire screen image to the viewer with plump, Gentle and highly perfect sense of harmony. In this painting, the Virgin red shirt, blue cape, yellow shirt Baby Jesus, and the Virgin red dress and blue primary colors constitute a conciliatory, thus reinforcing the luxury of bright colors and pictures.

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