Dress Accessories for the Wonderful Prom Party Night

February 23 [Thu], 2012, 16:59
So you have picked out the prefect prom dress, shoes, hairstyle and jewelry for your senior prom. You might be wondering what else you might need besides your pretty little clutch and a dab of your favorite perfume. Just make sure that your clutch is large enough to conceal a few basic essentials. There are several items and accessories for your gorgeous prom dresses UK that you won’t want to be stuck without on your prom night.

So you have already picked out the perfect shades of makeup to complement your beautiful prom dress. There are still some cosmetic items that you should pack away in your little clutch. For instance, make sure that you have a tube of lipstick and a compact of powder. Much of the time, lipstick becomes smeared or worn off during that special dinner. Make sure that you are not stuck without touch up for the remainder of the evening. Unfortunately, all that moving around on the dance floor could lead to a little perspiration on the forehead. No matter what formal dresses UK u choose, makeup is a must. The last thing anyone wants on prom night is a shiny face. Make sure you have a compact of powder to protect yourself from looking like an oil slick. Also remember to pack a small bottle of hairspray to touch up your super elaborate do as needed.

Although electronics might not be at the top of your prom night accessories list, you would be surprised how much your cell phone could come in handy. Your phone might actually benefit your parents more than yourself. But hey, chances are that if your folks are happy, you are happy. If your parents know they can reach you throughout the night, they might worry less and maybe even extend your curfew. Also, make sure that you have a phone for your own benefit as well. Unfortunately, no one ever knows when an emergency could arise and it is best to be able to reach someone. If you have a digital camera pack that away as well. If u pick the chiffon prom dresses you will find you will look great in the photo. Everyone knows that sometimes the professional photographers overcharge like crazy and sometimes their photographs don’t quite do you justice. You might want to carry along your own digital camera to ensure that you photograph all the memories that you want.
Finally, make sure that you have an accessory to set atop your pretty little head. This might be the only day in your life, aside from your wedding day, that you can wear a beautiful headpiece and truly feel like a princess. Make sure you select a tiara that complements the colors in your dress nicely. The most common headpieces are silver with clear crystals or rhinestones.
By now you’re probably wondering what else you could probably fit into your clutch. There are just a few essentials remaining. Ensure that you pack some sort of breath mints just in case those scallions with your dinner don’t quite agree with your breath later. Also, pack some extra deodorant or perfume for getting crazy on the dance floor. Overall, just remember to be prepared for anything. Prom is one of the most special nights of your life and do not let anything get in the way of that fact.