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November 15 [Fri], 2013, 10:47
SINA sports news Beijing time on November 14, according to the Los Angeles Lakers [Twitter] country reported that Lakers star Kobe Bryant [Twitter]-Bryant recently told Jim-famous host Roma in an exclusive interview. For NBA teams, in order to obtain a high rank of draft picks to sign and a swinging bad process, Bryant is disdain. new balance 1300 australia When asked whether the Lakers will do so, he said he didn't know "pendulum rot" (tanking) concept. In addition, Bryant also said retired and so may be considered to play football. "When it comes to winning a Championship, if you adopt this season suck (tanking) can make next season to give you a chance of winning, you are willing to accept the idea? "Jim-Roma said. Bryant had a disdain for the results of expressions, smiled and said, "I don't even know the words (tanking) was what he meant. "" Frankly, I think this (pendulum rot) for your team will be setting a very bad precedent. Regardless of the team's management was thinking, but this certainly will adversely affect the culture of the team, and sends out a wrong message. Judging from the entire spectrum and you absolutely do not allow it to become part of the team's DNA. "Bryant subsequently showed that he" put rotten "position.

As we all know, Kirby longed for more championship rings. Then he would leave the Lakers for this please? "No, I don't think you're going to go somewhere else. "Bryant firmly rejected that idea. "I was born a Lakers player, here is my home. I'm not going to get a championship ring to the other team. My attitude has always been either here (the Lakers) to achieve this goal, or you're simply not going to happen. That's what I have been thinking. "Looking back at the season, Bryant do not call with Howard. For some reason, Bryant once again stressed in the interview: "our view cannot remain the same. He has his ideas, and I have my ideas, we never compromise. "For the outside world are most concerned about when to return, Bryant is still difficult to give a definite answer. "We don't have an exact comeback time, yet. "He said," I've been training hard every day, hoping to establish a progressive (comeback) date. But there is really no. "It is worth mentioning that, when asked when have any plans after retirement, Kobe Bryant said he might consider playing football or playing golf. He is interested in coaching please? "No" he flatly replied, "perhaps to coach kids, but I'm definitely not going Pro League coach. ”

SINA sports news Beijing time November 15 ESPN under reported, according to understanding situation of insider people burst material, Los Angeles double male Lakers [micro-Bo] and fast ship [micro-Bo] currently still in do all by can close concern with Lamar-Odom of latest situation, and if the Veteran striker can proved themselves pendulum off drug and lawsuit of trouble, they will consider and he signed Xia a paper contract. This summer, the Lakers and Clippers have had Odom take a keen interest in, but then the 33-year old veteran was mired in drug and alcohol scandals, so trading was forced to run aground. According to informed sources revealed that Odom is currently two teams interested in resurgence, if he can make a comeback this season, next end should also be a Los Angeles team. The sources also revealed that Odom had recently resumed training, looking forward to return late in the season, but also said the two Los Angeles teams recently in addition to care about Odom's new balance 1500 australia daily life over the phone, and there is no other contact with him. Odom in his 14-year career, and had been the clippers and Lakers Club once, it was two clubs so far as the main reason he left a door, who want the old will be able to continue his career, provided, of course, is that he had to return to the game. In addition, given the harsh nature of Lamar Odom this summer big trouble, both teams will be very carefully assessed his status
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