so that they lost nine fights in the Denon Wei

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe second chapter !The 173rd chapter Yin Denon Wei to kill Regulus held Mochou tiny waist ,afraid of Mochou by the slightest injury, but forget it a strength as well as her exquisite magic than yourself many .
Regulus forced his spit a mouthful of blood, her face flushed with anger .A strange laughter Jie Jie sounded, and the name was clad in white robes with strong men ,breath ,in their robes ,dotted with patches of dragon ,the pupil contraction ,immediately know what they are .
Denon wei ! The head of the rain Aoki crown sudden drives off, imperceptibly to blue sky day into one, see only the mist diffuses into the radius of 100 meters range ,green rain .
Oh ,no wonder the prince ordered us to kill you , and Aoki crown is a good looking for the day . One led by men ,with strong gas circling, bucket imperial flavor unreserved spread out, giving Xuanyuan a great pressure .
You that rain Aoki crown are we be fatigued with the journey ,all the way to kill you ,I will give us the honour ? In addition a bucket imperial level Denon who sneer up .
Xuanyuan looked at the front ,three bucket imperial level Denon Wei ,fifteen bucket Zong Dianfeng Denon Wei ,if they attack method, even in the presence of small Mochou is dead without students .
Oh ,but you dare not small ,there have been close to the Dragon House cents side ,dare here to kill me ,I have something very do not understand ,what the hell have you found me ? Regulus constantly drives rain Aoki crown on a pair of delay time to heal themselves .
You this is to delay the time to heal themselves ?Well ,then we will heal you finish before you start ,you get injured and bring you back home Yin ,by the prince to deal with you ,fighting King realm only, was I blow though s protection can only spit a mouthful of blood ,is also you have some skill .
Third emperor who scoffs at several bucket Denon channel: how to find you, tell you anyway ,you bucket dZi while you erase the son a mark ,but this bucket dZi but the son a drop of blood into them ,refining, specially to miss two gift ,you said you dare to bring in the side, not trouble .
What is it? The heart movement ,laughed: so that is what it is. ,but this bucket dZi I take ,I have a look ,you died, Yin will send many people to kill me ,this is the master gave me a gift, what to say I never lost you ,now ,to die the .
Behind Xuanyuan suddenly appeared and two God , blue sky Princess green light with cupola ,Dragon Emperor Xian was flame up days ,was suspended in the sky fifteen bucket Zong Dianfeng strong a miserable cry a cry .
Was poisoned ! Even headed the three bucket emperor strong, also feel an uncomfortable ,saw fifteen bucket Zong Dianfeng strong, a as if under the dumplings ,fall down from the sky .
It was Xuanyuan blue sky in introduction and Aoki crown ban ,released healing mist into the blue sky day ,for Xuanyuan it was healing ,for others ,is highly toxic !Regulus grabbed love is a war ,condensed into rocket roll ,Regulus instant pull a full circle, shot to a bucket in the peak of the Denon Wei ,instant into the body through the Denon ,Wei an instant to fly ash ,the twinkling of an eye, Regulus again condensed to a fierce fire fight arrows ,in surface attached to the lotus industry fire fierce Wei ,instantly killed ,three bucket emperor strong instant he felt the danger .
Well, this kid is very strange, morph ,cannot be retained ! Suddenly ,three bucket emperor strong was Huaguang cupola ,immediately into a hundred meters long dragon ,escaped Xuanyuan this arrow ,Xuanyuan was : what is this ! This is the practice to the bucket imperial realm ,they can become an concise variety ,three of them are refining dragon dragon Neidan, morph ,power would surge ,dragon family for virus has some resistance ,run .
From the old man .The heart of a shock ,the three emperor of the bucket after transformation ,each one has at least three thousand dragon force ,the atmosphere of terror to not side .
Once into the bucket and bucket in the realm of ,between ,different distance is !The party cloud a look, can seriously meteorite ,one can imagine ,if that day is not Youyun long and Li Gang two people are not concise variety orifices ,Regulus would not be so easy to escape ,not to mention can they kill .
Regulus know not enemy ,instantly pedal Xianglong day boots ,with a broken air escape Mo ,Mo wiped her tears ,cry : the elder brother ,they killed the bird . Want to run ,not so easy ! Regulus escape moments ,three was the dragon scale up dragon ,roaring sound ,we need to get to .
Just to hear the laughter came a long : you pursue ,if you want your subordinates is slowly tortured to death by poison ,ha ha ha . Sure enough, three dragon was not moved ,immediately to humanoid ,falling back to the ground ,to save his men .
At this moment ,Regulus grasping hands of love is ,at which a bucket of emperor strong, this time into a more lotus industry fire strength ,condensed into a rocket ,bow and arrow .
As a Li Xiaosheng storming out .Be aimed at the a bucket emperor Denon Wei with a sneer ,hired ,will put the rocket to break ,but the hand and rocket bombardment in the moments ,the Imperial Guard was instantaneous large bucket Denon variable ,a horrible fire power direct detonation into his body ,let he instantly spit out a mouthful of blood ,he saw that a blood ,like fire ,burning .
It is strange fire ? This is just to give your a lesson ,if you dare to chase me ,let you come to a bad end . Regulus laughed loudly, immediately take the Mochou with blue direction escape and went to sea ,across ,even Yin Denon Wei again after the words ,in the blue ,he also holds sufficient favourable geographical position ,they want to kill themselves around is not easy .
Xuanyuan now also not really angered Yin two Denon Wei ,if they really fling caution to the winds to kill himself ,although he did not die ,but definitely not easy, only slightly to deter them ,this scale ,too much of a good thing UGG Roxy Tall On Sale.
Did not think of short time no see, he actually has the different fire, appears before the stage of rumors as false ,he has been fighting the Dragon House cents five cents were received for the apprentice ,just under the rain I am afraid of healing into water to form highly toxic ?Will heal quickly ,with Jiedu pills ,this time must be careful .
One of the aspects of fighting at Regulus really far away, it began to treat Yin poisoning cases Denon Wei bucket .After their treatment in time, but only six fights in Denon who survived only, did not think of to catch a Regulus ,so that they lost nine fights in the Denon Wei ,which for them ,is simply the burning shame and humiliation ,especially Regulus was just a bucket King realm .
But one bucket emperor Denon Wei suffered light wounds ,can only wait their wounds later, can be pursued ,although died in nine fighting Denon Wei ,let the law ,but to kill Regulus or no problem .
The next find this kid, I immediately sending method, don him a chance ! A Yin Jiadou Huang Tianlong Wei angrily shouted .Regulus know where these Yin Denon Wei anger ,with king ,fled to the sea ,where the eyes are red ,very sad : the elder brother ,Larry is dead .
Xuanyuan knows where the kind-hearted, imperceptibly with a sound ,also don is it right? He experienced too much killing ,let oneself become cold . Mochou ,don ,bird just past with MDM Chiam it ,in fact they are not dead ,as long as you keep them in mind ,don ,one day ,would be to see them again .
Xuanyuan once again used this method to comfort mo . Really ? Mo apparently with doubt . Really ,don believe me ? Regulus forced smile . Well ,that the brother . Soon, Mochou is not sad ,said: I hope to be able to recognize the MDM Chiam bird ,a bird with MDM Chiam ,with MDM Chiam to play ,MDM Chiam will not be so lonely .
The heart was again Mochou touches UGG Womens Lo Pro Button,be filled with a thousand regrets : Mo is simple to incapable of further increase . ,I think one can let you carry on the transformation method of Shenmu again ,and this time ,should be able to make your Shenmu ,conducted a thorough transformation ! Greedy old man apparently still the usual heartless, seem to be anything exciting not he a little waves, such as life and death he has seen too much, now in his eyes ,only restoring force is the most important, many people to death for him, he does not care .
Sorry. The heart is also looking forward to this one special Shenmu . Sea of forests, but also contains the Department of wood Reiki more rich, you have the blue sky day body ,in the water or overlord like exist, even fighting imperial level sea ferocious beast dare you Ying feng .
Xuanyuan temporarily between ,it senses that day at the bottom of the sea ,when you see a lot of myself ,what kinds of coral reef ,sea creatures ,all kinds of sea days wood Po ,the day of the auction, let Xuanyuan know ,you have the money ,the poor as a beggar ,Xuanyuan immediately on the heartbeat .
You don I will forget ,ha ha ,first made a fortune . Immediately behind the emergence of blue sky Princess ,covered with green light ,Mochou into clear blue sea ,laughed : Mochou ,Regulus brother take you to go to sea to play ! Little mo hear Regulus Canada Goose Whistler Parka,the mood suddenly jumped up .
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