The first Leviathan victim

December 14 [Fri], 2012, 12:35
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 607th chapter Tien heavy water !The home side of the sky, are covered by the tempestuous waves ,a tsunami raid resounded through the day ,and a head body as the ice to create the Leviathan ,look fierce ,spiked fangs ,claws sharp, can shred like all ,fearsome growls agitate, breaking wind to pierce the eardrum ,shocking the puny human hepatobiliary desire crack .
The first Leviathan victim ,limbs foot Yu Hai ,nip in the boundless sea of fierce power ,kill Ben and ,as a force of impact ,as if all the blocks in front of it ,will be crushed .
Xuanyuan made his body strength ,Yinghan this unit power ,only the feeling of pain ,as if about to be torn ,but he has not the slightest fear , and the body of one ,a step ,Xuanyuan held King printing in one hand , Emperor pen ,as a small emperor ,Emperor gas firing ,or extraordinary ,walking in the world, no one can stop .
I saw a statue of the great manifest ,walking in the mountains between the emperor ,his holding pen ,a hand print ,out a human dignity ,air diffusion in nine days of ten ,an area of 10 people in the strength of the weak ,less than Regulus all could not help but bow prostrate, strength is higher than that of Xuan house ,it is heart of fear ! This is emperor gas ah ,ah God .
.. ... Yes , Ji Sunset just as hearsay ,terrible, three rotating bucket immortal strength it can control the emperor gas ! the sea shore although more than his two big state, but does not occupy too much cheaper ! King printing the Emperor Wen accompanied by Regulus grudge into ,Rune exudes Huaguang ,in the world ,to manifest out thousands of mountains and rivers ,the earth ,suspended on the nine day ,the Deville ,severely suppressed to the endless vast sea, Vaillant was shrouded in terror of Regulus body ,retaining in its body ,at the same time ,sending the regulus the Yellow River yen ,since the three sunset sky ,crashed down ,a power seemed to void tear ,hard to kill the head off a leviathan .
This round of the real ,as the setting sun ,spilling a piece of red ,all over the area of the dozens of years, is very beautiful, idle boast ,in the sky fall down ,give a person like the heavens ,the world will lose the feeling ,accompanied by Regulus ideas easily, round off the evening Yang Qiqi ,terror compressive forces to the sea home away from the ground inch split ,many houses collapsed, the strength of the weak people ,all bones burst open ,bloody ,pulled the fierce Granville Avenue ,so many good people face changed colour ,regret to the theatre and the distance so close .
While at home because there are depicted prohibition protection ,the material used in all products ,nature is able to survive ,but at home ,many people still pale, this is the three rotating bucket Xian greatness ?Everyone made her heart !Three sunset falls, Yinghan beasts ferocious Granville ,only to hear the banging song sounded ,the head of the ferocious beasts Ice Spikes fracture ,even his head smashed him ,but this does not affect its attack ,since it hand claws also as hard as a diamond ,kill force monstrous ,broken empty out a dozen ,a sunset ,sunset ,another two are harder to detonation in marine animal body ,playing the Leviathan was ,a distortion ,monstrous waves near sunset ,are transpiration to the fog ,a sibilant sibilant sound can be heard without end ,hot atmosphere enveloped the entire sea home empty ,covering the whole sky !Roar .
.. ... Marine animal uttered a sound terrible howl ,its ice body smashed a pulpy ,it is incomplete ,the terrorist distance double claw is bullshit distortion !Even so ,it still desperate attack ,however it weakened body never to another two sun damage ,and Regulus again derived from a sunset ,sunset to the round again the head Leviathan ,Leviathan is irresistible ,direct hit into a grinding wheel ,the three follow up a victory with hot pursuit ,bombardment in the vast expanse of the sea ,I saw the place visited ,the sea water is evaporated into the mist, simply can not resist the hot sun radiate a terrible heat ,if continue, the sea must be dry ,the sea shore look dull ,cold drink: Ji Sunset ,you and I are two East Dynasty man ,you will have it so hard so ? ,like you scum ,not to kill it, just the scourge of others ,I am enforce justice on behalf of heaven ,evil ! Regulus drink on a sound ,three sunset manifest in that respect to King printing derived from behind the great ,mighty terror played the whole piece of the East China Sea roar repeatedly ,gradually subsided ,countless home people look terrified ! mighty sea ! Sea life vision appeared to rout the potential, he no longer wears a hand again ,shout ,to their best to shoot the world road ,saw the vast sea ,an island show out ,every island manifest in a sophisticated world road ,interweave together ,form a repression of blockade of large array ,toward the regulus vision severely compacted !Want to be trapped in the kill regulus !Xuanyuan know ,sea life than their own higher by two big state, this is him to upgrade their vision power , mighty sea naturally not only to this piece of the East China Sea ,the sky and the Island Avenue ,at least there will be terrible Leviathan ,more hurricanes ,and even their own do not be knowledge of the existence of !Although so ,still be fearless of Regulus ,no matter what are their best break ,behind him that a the Yellow River ,the Yellow River born Terran into a fierce Wei monstrous dragon ,very dignified ,true to life likeness ,but it soared into the sky ,a dragon from nine days ,then the dragon body of a shock ,since the sky hard impact and blast ,in an island ,but the island lines could not withstand the Huanglong fierce Granville ,blow be blown to pieces ,dragon body armor also smashed a small ,this is a vision of Yinghan ,fight is the strength ,the fight is the force !Xuanyuan was their visions ,pulled the world road ,while hand-held Emperor pen void write a escape character ,Xuanyuan away from the void ,disappear ,Ya sea heart startled ,suddenly Canada Goose Men's Banff, sea Ya hair sticks up behind him ,a great danger to self heart rise North Face Steep Tech Dolomite Cheap,an island manifest ,support in the sea shore behind, Xuanyuan handy Emperor pen ,pen like the sharpest exist, without breaking point in the island ,but the island was immediately point to smash .
As long as a late step ,the sea shore overall will was wearing , Emperor pen pen the fierce let ya sea heart afraid !Even so ,the sea shore is also the first time to make the strongest attack ,body water rushes into the fight ,wands spewing out hundreds of millions of inclined wave rolling Xiang Xuanyuan, Regulus in vivo you poured into the Emperor pen ,in the void write a word ,world road force was again hook still, the oncoming of hundreds of millions of inclined wave direct the horror world road was as gentle ,Regulus handheld Emperor pen ,was under the shining ,with no edge broken million inclined wave waves at the sea shore between the eyebrows !Sea life changed his countenance , Emperor pen be no trivial matter.
This is really the Vaillant ,he did not want to be Ji Sunset versus reason ,in the Ji Sunset body telomer too much ,there are too many unpredictable things themselves ,they will be in danger of life !In Haiya body before the manifestation ,side mirror ,on one side of the crystal is a taste of immortal implement ,contain is worn to soft strength ,straight face Regulus killing blow ,only Emperor pen pen point to kill in the mirror ,he rushes out of the immortal implement force ,but resist moment, ultimate investigate or resist ,to crush, Regulus see blow not ,no longer insist ,wrote a word Dun ,once again into the void, ghostly spirit that jade ,let the regulus as a row leave nothing death night ,ready to harvest sea sea life ,but also in the restoration of own strength ! King printing weeping clinical manifestation in the void ,a virtual thin dooin ,and three sunset hand in photograph echo suppression of the East China Sea ,a began to appear weak ,and Thousand Island interwoven connected into a seal large array ,severely bombardment ,playing virtual thin dooin swaying three sunset ,rupture ,and the Thousand Islands is a disintegrating ,drowned in the East China sea !Xuanyuan for sending two emperor ,consumption is huge ,since his vindictive consumption very quickly ,the body of pure source of hope was in a piece of burning into endless pure source of hope into Xuanyuan body !But the sea shore have stepped into the five turn of the bucket fairy realm ,practicing the boldness of vision, a spit smoke between ,will have vast fights for its use ,this is the cultivation of the spirit benefits ,can be sustained at the war ,have more advantages ,to say ,without the use of any of the potential means UGG Retro Cargo Sale,face to face Yinghan for Regulus ,is indeed a challenge !Xuanyuan wants nothing to do with the sea shore Yinghan too long ,the sea shore and Xuanyuan appeared to have to fight a long war of attrition ,the fight is the two person in you the vast extent ,if the same state special physique ,Xuanyuan.
You absolutely are unmatched, but the sea shore of same is special constitution , water body ,the body and contains a variety of bucket water ,one one manifest out .Since the sea ya body ,ranked thirty-second in the name the heart of the sea water as a water curtain, retaining in its body ,a thick wall of water appears to contain is worn as tens of millions of mountain weight ,forming a solid protection ,to prevent the regulus assault ,at the same time ,it is a bucket of water development but, the bucket is ranked twenty in the sky heavy-water than the heart of the sea water are much many ,it slowly into the heart of the sea water by the water curtain ,become more solid and thick, only in the sea ya body surface ,covered with a thin layer the body of water a, gives people a feeling of impenetrable .
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