and fear turned away

December 22 [Sat], 2012, 14:00
Based on the head curiously, see Guo Ming's head turned, and fear turned away, feel shy head.Guo Ming smiled, whether she.Pick up the brush to write a few lines, in the envelope, sealed up again with sealing wax.To violet: "give the outside communications soldiers Canada Goose Men's Manitoba."Violet surprise nod, hands holding the letter hurried out quickly to the door, then fell almost fell down, but she promptly took the mana to maintain body balance, otherwise it can not be a mucker.Guo Ming laughed, after a moment based low head red face came in, see Guo Ming still laugh, the more embarrassed, embarrassed really wanted to find a way to crack into.I today really adults lost, based his heart to think.The magic soldiers could come to Guo Ming is not accidental Women North Face Apex Bionic Clearance, after all, now the situation there, Imperial forces alone big, they do martial art in order to survive, sometimes even leave a stink for ten thousand years, nor do l.Guo Ming had thought about one thing, that is about death.The sword the vast dust established sword cabinet Canada Goose Langford Parka, and later he was suddenly injured, to the outside world is always is a mystery, but in recent years it is not his birth, whether he had any enemies, led personally created the days of Jiange status of repeated again.Just now Guo Ming crumb middle-aged scholar spirit when, or from the other side of the memory to get some information.The first is the sword cabinet harboring nether were loyalists thing, moreover is the thing about death.Hades, since antiquity in cases of portal, powerful scary.In order to eliminate his orthodoxy, the emperor personally led the expedition, millions of powerful men, at the expense of seventy percent soldiers of the costs that missed out in the traditional black.Also in that time the war really laid a large inflammatory Dynasty status.So big Yan Dynasty to nether case is hate to have been proclaimed, who dare, harboring fugitive black case, soriel.Death is the most miserable diabolism, practice mode, once the practice of Gorefiend, will be immortal, hard to kill.The sword of the vast dust met death ravaged, fighting for three days and nights, finally in desperation to lifelong heart cut no sword array will he seals in here.Sword light dust later found here, and here built in the door.The secret people know very little, but now that Guo Ming knows, he is considering to death out is it right?.Yuet Wah as wash, cold light quietly shed in the case of Guo Ming.Guo Ming knock on pine, with sound in the silence of the night abnormal sound.Guo Ming looked up at the sky a star, gently sighed.No man can be so cold watched so many lives lost, although he is alien, Guo Ming's heart was the upset.Come to the blue eye group, he can feel the monks to the hatred, it is even hatred, of blood can't resolve.At the same time here Guo Ming often lose myself, everything here and his Terran is similar, the two race would play together?What is the historical source.At this moment Guo Mingzhen really wanted to find recurrent door, open loop, back to the beginning of history.Starlight and desolate, a dark eyes looked far from Guo Ming, heart hesitate for a long time, still can't take that step.She wanted to ask why Guo Ming is the man, why so strong?Why......, the heart had too many why want to ask them.But look at him general clothing official robes, heart what is slowly away from their own.Then, when this was all a dream?Now wake up, they should leave.Now the situation so confusing, xiaxue does not dare to stay in sword cabinet, declined the cold sword kindness, decided to down.But in leaving, she decided to visit Guo Ming.Now mind to do, summer snow drift away.Summer snow is not thought of as when she left the very next day he met his teacher and the large number of elders.When summer snow away suddenly, Guo Mingtan tone, suspended in mid-air footsteps quietly let go, though slow, are to be so strong.Only, I this is not good, why do they feel depressed, what have I to do with the life and death?Dead friends die.
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