Yue heard his face was very surprised

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Zhang Xiao hear can not believe he picked this "worry Heart Sutra", why not practice? Is afraid of their own obsessions? Pending asked to hear Ou Peng went on to say: "You pick the internal organs Heart, but added that embarrassed me, well, forget it. 23Us.com" And then he waved Zhangcheng Yue called in front of the bow commanded a few words, Zhangcheng Yue heard his face was very surprised, eyes could not help glanced to the other side of the Zhang flowers several times, and other European Peng finished commanded Zhangcheng Yue hurriedly went out. European Peng went on to say: "flowers for you, your brother into misty sent the disciples, you get the internal organs Heart, I do things has always been Enyuanfenming the misty send your kindness can be considered to have a break Europe, you see the possibility of satisfaction? "Zhang flowers quickly stepped forward, respectful salute and said:" The main fact of European remark is wrong, my two brothers by you so much grace, I was very grateful, I would like to thank the large main fact be done. " Peng turned his face to see the European Yan, smiled and said: "Majoring in so disposed, have you ever satisfied?" Ou Yan Xiaohe He said: "Thank you, big brother good intentions, sister satisfactory tight." Europe Peng laughs: " Well, well, the family did not say two words. "Ou Yan got up and said:" Brother, delay you so much time, do not disturb you to discuss the affairs of the camp, the young girl which leave Oupeng said: "All right, get back to rest, after more attention to the body ah." European Yan said: "I know, big brother." Then, Ou Yan greeted Zhang flowers and looked a long time play Hetian Shu, with leave this Chamber. Zhang flowers look that deeply buried joy, cheerful grateful eyes looked at his brother, smiled and nodded, tapped his chest, motioning not nothing, this with some driven to distraction behind the Hetian Shu , out of the Chamber. Just turned three a few heavy courtyard, it is necessary into the garden and heard behind someone shouted: "European suzerain, please stay behind." European Yan Wensheng stop, look back to see a far chase, etc. see, the original European Peng disciples Zhangcheng Yue. Wait until near the European Yan asked: "Cheng Yue, your teacher, there are things?" Zhangcheng Yue salute: "suzerain wait a moment, master something to give Zhang flowers." Hearing this, the European Yan et al. strange Zhangcheng Yue see the people do not understand, do not explain, smiled out from her thin sheet of paper the solemn dealings flowers hands and said solemnly: "Zhang flowers, this is my every Master life, from Jangseogak get 'misty step' three exercises, and now on to you, the the 'misty step' three exercises internal forces do not ask for much, it is estimated that you can practice, however, You have to remember, 'misty step' exercises, 'worry-free Heart Sutra' practice, only one of you, in the case without the consent of misty camp, you can not teach others, nor can this function law lost, otherwise, depending on the seriousness of misty camp will give you punishment, even until the abolition of the martial arts. "Zhang flowers puzzled and said:" 'misty step' exercises? reasons for requiring such a high way, I will not strength, never learned what footwork, so practice it? "Zhangcheng Yue heard, still smiling and said:" Master made it clear beforehand, if you practice this 'ethereal step' have any questions, you can ask the pharmaceutical Church Hetian Shu. " Subsequently, the turned to He Tianshu Road: "He Tianshu, with Zhang flowers just to say, you have heard it." He Tianshu conditions reflex-like nod to this guy at the moment are still jealous Autocratic Imperial luck, naturally hear is not very clear, but he said: "I heard." Zhangcheng Yue went on to say: "just the same applies to you, you understand?" He Tianshu still is a loss, said: "Yes, I know ..." Voice hardly ever, Hetian Shu suddenly wake up, joyful hearts, quickly Zhangcheng Yue salute and said: "Pharmacy Hetian Shu Tong understand, convey the gratitude of his disciples the Queen brothers to the main fact, thanks to the grace of the main fact." Zhangcheng Yue nodded, said: "Your gratitude , I must convey that this is what you should get, well, suzerain, the disciples by rotation. "Then salute to the European Yan, and floated away. The the next floret See the Hetian Shu so feel grateful look, very puzzled, pulling his sleeve, pulled back he looked away Zhangcheng Yue shadow, still not diminished in the eyes of the color of gratitude, puzzled and asked: " any captain, they are so far away, do not appreciate, they can not see. "and Hetian Shu back, upsurge of or surging, eyes wet, the European Yan said:" suzerain, the last under the inadequate protection, injured, the thought is not to be punished is already Fawaishien, but they've been given under such an opportunity, but Hemou never dreamed it. "Ou Yan smiled and comfort:" you have always been the main fact reward and punishment ,cheap air jordan, the last attack on your credit is not small, without you, it is estimated that situation is great changes, there has been no reward, perhaps the main fact you did not think of how to reward this just a chance, with Zhang flowers with practice it. "He Tianshu kept modest, can not claim credit. Zhang Xiaohua hear even puzzled the probe head and asked: "He captain, footwork have any good, really good you? Than" worry Heart Sutra "How?" He Tianshu heard a burst chestnut chisel to Zhang flowers stuck his head snapped: misty send one of the three magic, powerful powerful? your "worry Heart Sutra" How, I do not know, but to see the Chamber just someone else's face and reaction, I guess that is a garbage power law. "Zhang flowers listened, suddenly discouraged, decadent voice:", which is the second floor of the Heart, it is better than the first floor of the ordinary Well. "Of course, There is a saying he can not say: "And this is from the third floor to get it." He Tianshu said: "If a good Heart, our main fact also let Big Brother send you this ethereal step it? "Zhang flowers suddenly understood that Mr Ou Peng said those words. Zhang flowers, but said: "That had to practice this garbage power law." However, immediately joked: "That's better than the rivers and lakes in the ordinary Heart." Ou Yan in the next hearing, comforted: "Do not try first so much, I ask Sister Qin they talk about it. "Subsequently, the three still through that door, back to huanxi Villa back. Let us now turn to the a Lotus Escort Luo Young Master, listening to the text Siye, the heart is not the taste,Jordan High Heels, face confront changing, it is uncertain, but can not do anything, he had come to live in the small courtyard of Autocratic Imperial, keep in his cabin door, side-paced, edge remorse, but he did not say for himself behind the others black, then regret it, but he did not expect Villa huanxi will regret Zhang Xiaohua head, in fact, in his thoughts, Autocratic Imperial Brothers but just returned from the village down Pingyang City less than a year countryman, ZHANG Xiao-hu is gone Goushi Yun, Zhang Xiaohua injured change to the internal strength of the opportunity to attend to the martial arts shop, has also been text Siye private commitment, Zhang Xiaohua injury like that, did not see I-ordinated loss the Villa huanxi not stand up and say what, so that Young Master Zhang flowers, but also think that with the kneading punches either. . Zhang flowers to pay for food, the principle of justice, Autocratic Imperial pay, naturally their hearts diaphragm, if do not pay, of course, can make irresponsible remarks in the text before the Fourth Master, The Siye even want to maintain Autocratic Imperial helpless. The development is in accordance with their own trajectory, Wen Si Ye have called Autocratic Imperial confrontation, and to urge him to make payments, may be a fly in the ointment, ZHANG Xiao-hu actually the first to pay the fees, but added it some villain, however, these are outweighed the bad ones, but the final outcome was beyond the control, this huanxi Villa actually small, on behalf of the Zhang flowers birthday! Only on for less than a penny, the Hills huanxi suzerain angry Lo Young Master still feel, although you do not know the specific reason behind this negative thing, does have some risks, he is still after less dry is wonderful. The Autocratic Imperial's understanding, he was very sure own lotus Escort children of the elderly, or Young Master, ZHANG Xiao-hu but ordinary Tang Zaishou the, if he wanted to, diving in the Lotus Escort will accept their own self- high under the apology. Unfortunately, Luo Biaotou in the small courtyard pacing numerous sun in the sky is the top, still not seen Autocratic Imperial silhouette, Luo Young Master is lost patience with the next peek own Tang Zishou confessed loudly, ZHANG Xiao-hu came back to their own trip there, hands behind walking, while walking side also whispered: "Do not be a the Tang Zaishou you." But know that the sky twilight, ZHANG Xiao-hu, or did not come to Luo Biaotou. Luo some exasperation, Young Master Autocratic Imperial shelf can be really big, do the authors really want my Young Master to give him an apology? Was going to see a the Tang Zaishou panic ran over to the door, shouted: "Young Master, bad, bad." The Luo Biaotou Upon seeing snapped: "What is bad, why so scared? Is the sky is falling? "Tang Zaishou accompany smiles:" How could so serious way, Young Master, but Autocratic Imperial back. "Luo Young Master frowned more powerful, said: "You did not tell him that I let him come to a trip?" Tang Zishou said: "I told him to say these things, I say bad things." " Why? "Luo Young Master strange. That Tang Zaishou replied: "In just, I saw ZHANG Xiao-hu Back to the small courtyard, and I told him that morning waiting for him one morning, and did not see him commandment, that you take the time to noon, he came back quickly to your place to come to you. "Young Master" Pooh, "a cry, then shouted:" How do you even then will not say? doing that morning in his small courtyard? let him directly wants to come to me, how so much nonsense! "Tang Zishou went on to say:" Yes, a small damn, not good at talking, however, that the Autocratic Imperial listened to, it did not ignore, smiled into the house, very strange, went to the door, see Autocratic Imperial to pack a bag, casually asked him what to do. guess how he said? "said the Luo Biaotou along:" I know that he should pack a bag Why? we can not is not in the Escort did it. "that Tang Zishou surprised cried:" You're smart, Young Master, no wonder you are Young Master, he is so to speak this way, I quickly to, and told you to do. "" What? he quit? "Young Master screamed, rose from his chair. Pushed the that Tang Zishou, walked out of the door. Luo Young Master rapidly disappearing back that Tang Zaishou looked joked: "This Young Master the dodge will afford really powerful, to this day, however, did not fall down, and will not so quickly now." Luo catch on the Young Master Autocratic Imperial hut, ZHANG Xiao-hu have things ready to pack. Luo Young Master into the house, start to ask: "Autocratic Imperial, I heard that you did not want in the Escort?" Autocratic Imperial see Luo Young Master, smiled and said: "Yes, Young Master, I have been in the accountant and cultural Siye where delivery back to tidy up, ready to leave this Young Master frowned: "the steward delivery? do not leave the tail it." Autocratic Imperial said: "Young Master assured the line dart thing, a few days ago is clear today is my monthly money picking up, is now clear. "Luo Young Master said:" In fact, the thing of your brother, I am also the sake of discussion, as you know, I This has always been for the sake of Escort, not for you ... "Autocratic Imperial interrupted Luo Young Master, saying:" Young Master mind, I know, this thing has been in the past, let him past it The Young Master of Lo Hei Road: "Autocratic Imperial, you forgive me?" Then, put twelve silver took out and handed Autocratic Imperial, said: "That's the silver recovered to go . Autocratic Imperial mouth smile, watching Luo Young Master, he fed to the hand, pushed back, said: "Luo Young Master is one for the public, the next must fulfill, acting in accordance with the rules, the next natural to listen to big Young Master, as to forgive not forgive, presumably is large Biaotou think too much, the next how can we complain about the rules? meals of my brother I have already submitted to the accountant, the money has now completed on-off did not withdraw reasons. twelve silver are the Villa to huanxi, told me what though? Luo Young Master returned looking huanxi Hills, looking for the next was worse. "Luo Young Master like did not hear a awkward sometime during the last, ZHANG Xiao-hu can not just put our money on the table and said: "the Luo Biaotou why so embarrassed the next? silver on here." The Luo Biaotou reluctantly said: "Siye earlier said that, let me in any case to get your understanding it. "Autocratic Imperial smiled and said:" just is not to say it, the next in this and other the Escort favorable rules without the slightest complaint, not to mention understanding. Moreover, with Wen Si Ye say goodbye, he did not mention it, large Biaotou do not have too got the idea. "Hearing this, Luo Young Master quotas heart, smiled and said:" So, I When you understanding., ZHANG Xiao-hu, you good Escort dry, why suddenly resigned? I was thinking about you a good dry years, I proposed with an Siye, so you do bodyguard , after the good cooperation we let you continue to act as my deputy, properly train How about you you such a walk, Escort is actually a good manpower, multi-pity. "Autocratic Imperial arch handed it over with a smile: "I would like to thank the good intentions of the Luo Young Master,Coach Jewelry Bags, but unfortunately the next unable to take advantage." Luo Young Master pat Autocratic Imperial shoulder and said: "It does not matter, ZHANG Xiao-hu, you'll always be my best deputy, I never gave you keep door, if you are fooling around well, you can always come to me, I will give you a good word in total Young Master. "Autocratic Imperial listened to again hand over arch, said:" Yes, I remember Luo Young Master this sentence, which the next to leave, if one day, the next in the misty camp fared well, we must come back to the big Young Master, to when Luo Young Master longer tours in the next mouthful of food. "Then, picked up the package, to go out without looking back. Luo Young Master smiled and looked at the back of Autocratic Imperial, big and said: "No problem, ZHANG Xiao-hu, later in the misty camp mix well, feel free to come to me ..." "What? The misty send?!" Luo Young Master this awakening. At this time, just the Tang Zishou slip in, red Luo Young Master said: "Luo Young Master, just got the news, I listen to martial arts hall I properly in Colombo said Autocratic Imperial do not know how to go Je te dis merde misty send received as a disciple, I properly in Colombo went to drink alone. "popping" sound, Luo Young Master slapped in that Tang Zishou the face, snapped: "You will tell me how? "I do not just know, to tell you the elderly?" Tang Zishou cover their face, wronged. "You ......" Luo Biaotou stomp your feet pointing to the man, do not know what to say, one to pick up the money on the table, and ran out of the house, seems to have to chase Autocratic Imperial. Autocratic Imperial already up horse, went with the misty sent his disciples come together, I do not know where to go. At a time, the Hills huanxi Zhang flowers is sitting in his hut the share stood one day blue booklet on the table, next to thin a few pages filled with writing paper. Needless to say, the "worry Heart Sutra" and "misty the first three layers of the step-by-step exercises. Zhang flowers first picked up the "worry-free Heart Sutra" broad look at some common internal organs Heart, flowers not seen, do not know what it looks like, but this "worry Heart Sutra" the contents of the above take a closer look, you can also see understand this internal organs Heart is divided into 18 layers, each layer has specific formulas and practice taboo realm of expression, it seems there is nothing wrong, because they want to do not understand why the European Peng said he will not practice? Is this door incomplete exercises? As or easily deranged exercises? Was going, suddenly heard someone knock on the door. (Business trip May 27-June 4, notebook intact, can upload writing at the side hair, and later out of the question, I wrote leave, as long as you look cool, I worked hard does not matter, or please we have time to speak to a review area, breaking a finger update here Thank you, summer two butterflies, the Xiaoya child baby, Xin brother 2010, love Favorites Tong Li 520, hurry up, Geyser speak, Tell me what you have.) (Please vote Recommended votes!!! collection, thank you) (read the novel to network of vertex novel) games updated daily fun little game, waiting for you to discover!
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