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December 05 [Thu], 2013, 11:20
Angel, I live totally to you. I love you too much, so you left me, and I don't blame you, I know you have to find a farm. Don't think I'm going to say a mean Word to you, say angry words. I just ask that you come back to me. My Darling, without you, I feel lonely, Oh, what a lonely and it! I don't care if I have to go to work: but nike free run 3 nz you have to do is write one sentence sent me, saying, "I will be here soon," I'll wait for you, Angel 's--Oh, I'll happily waiting for you!Afternoon, farmer Graby tell you that night finished the stacks of wheat, because at night the bright and round moon, they can work in the Moonlight, and pipe machine mechanic made an appointment tomorrow and another farm. Therefore, popping, drum machines buzz and grass rustling, continuously ringing, fewer workers than usual when stopped.At about three o'clock, when less tea, Tess raised his head, looked around his eye.

She saw that alike·debeiweier was transferred back, standing at the fence fence under the tree next to the door, but she was not surprised. He looked up to see her, give her a kiss, waving to her politely. This means that their argument has nike free run 2 nz passed. Tess put his head down, taking care not to go in that direction.They are the most powerful people in the Middle, slowly become sallow, eyes are dark. Tess looked up and saw, is that the higher the pile of straw stacks, see the stack on top of the shirt for men, also in the North of the grey skies. Grain stack in front of a long red hoist, as if Jacob dreamed of a ladder barely been off wheat straw like water down the hoist on the unattached, is like a Yellow River, flowing out of the mountains, spray the straw stack on top. But also want to do an hour of work to get into avoiding live mouse grain stack bottom; this time, before dusk, afterglow disappears from the abote·his real history, not something that is already done, and is determined to do things.
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