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December 03 [Tue], 2013, 10:53
He vaguely feel that everything is carefully weighing weigh, hasty made the decision, in fact, unreliable. However, what is not reliable, he couldn't say at the moment.Very quiet in the room, was so still no sound at all. Qian qianyi while eyes closed, feeling distinctly mottled bamboo curtains hang motionless on the window, light shade shadow nike free 3.0 womens cast in front of the window's rosewood sheath of Ganoderma lucidum on the painting. Crimping a piece of Liu rushi on that case were not yet complete picture--the decoupling tilling of Fame reading map.Coupling tilling fame is a villa in the northern suburb of Qian qianyi in Changshu city fitted water Villa at a mountain church, tax Analects "coupling long rugged steeps, Jie drown while plowing" sentences, as a church. Qian qianyi seeing complex and hopeless that year, build decoupled tilling of Fame, Cheng Song about his old friend to escape reading.

But Cheng Song circle in the end did not come, had died. Qian qianyi suddenly remembered about it at the moment, heart feeling arises nike free 4.0 womens spontaneously: Yes, life can drink book, pass the year in pleasure, can also meet. All vexed huanghuang, SAA hack says, is why bother! Then, he felt even the book is superfluous. Cheng Songyuan, the reading life, thoracic Luo rolls, still end up in the bones of the loess plateau, and hay with rot! Just as advocated by the Laozi, Zhuangzi: must abandon the intellect, the chaos of ignorance, I snap, true and complete.Red quickly exits to go after Qian qianyi sat down on the Chair. He hardly expected, he quit Temple get a life that was a little Tung Wan of right and wrong, not hidden in the monk's House, they ran to the place of my own. Such an important event, Liu rushi is without his approval, not to tell him, just own person took down. "Too familiar, walked in, but half a year she dared do that next? ”
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