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November 27 [Wed], 2013, 10:37
Guo Xiang Yang Guo met the arrival, and say a Word, smiled for a moment, then broke up, say a melancholy, seeing that the sisters were in high spirits at her husband's side, and congratulate the warlords involved but feel heart nike free run 3 womens pain hard to live with, immediately turned around, going back to his house. Just walk a few steps, and Huang Rong has been close to her, take her hand, softly: "Xiang er, what is it? Not happy today? "Guo Xiang:" no, I was filled with happiness. ”Said this sentence, then bow, orbital tears and nearly fell. Huang Rong did not understand his daughter's mind, saying only that some texts in the interesting stories, she smiled again.Two people slowly huifu. Huang Rong accompanied her daughter to her own room, and asked: "Xiang er, don't you ever get tired tired? "Guo Xiang said:" it's okay. MOM, you didn't sleep all night, and the rest. "Huang Rong with her, sit side by side on the bed, reached out to give her long hair, and said:" Xiang, Yang brother thing, I never told you about.

It's happened, it's a long story, and if you're not tired, I will talk to you about. "Guo Xiang spiritual vibration, said," MOM, you said. ”Huang Rong: "it shall ever since his grandfather started. "Well, needless to say, I also know that at the nike free run mens moment he doesn't. Hangs but my heart is one thing, somebody else disturbing. ”Guo Xiang: "MOM, what are you worried about? I see big brother Yang thing is don't worry about it. He soon met her sister-in-law, at that time a Merry heart, everything wiped out. "Huang Rong, sighs:" I'm worried about unrest, was afraid he would see little dragongirl. ”Guo Xiangqu surprise, however, said, "what? How can that be? Yang brother tell me that Mrs Yang, was seriously injured, Nanhai shenni, need to save to heal, after 16 years of appointment, his wife kissing deeply with each other for so long, how can we see them? "
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