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November 26 [Tue], 2013, 11:50
At this moment we have a problem in the body, this time tomorrow, here again. ”Beasts villa owners are brothers and five others, big white mountain June Shi bowei, my view on the second brother Shi zhongmeng, sangejin-Lion King Shi shugang, four Hercules Shi jiqiang, smallest one is in front with eight immortal ape Shi mengjie. Five generations of ancestors tamed animals for a living, these five people are born with different intrinsic, not only an animal capable of superb, and the beast from the jump method, rush at cheap New Balance trainers Wu Kung Fu action. Beast brothers from an early age, and the history of the company, have under animal as a teacher, practicing a skill. Shi shugang on 20 mountain animal while in their forties, meet wonderful people and learned a very deep internal strength. Delegated to the brothers when he gets home.

Five beast more Kung Fu is also getting stronger. Beasts village head Yang in rivers and lakes, martial arts take a general nickname for his five brothers, called "Tiger and Leopard and lion dance like a monkey".Among the five who, with Gold Lions Wang Shishu contemporary utopian notions to attend. Long ghost heard Shi shugang ill mind wide and brothers even though the history of thought, and I don't fear Xishan cave demons, not to mention the "Tiger and Leopard and lion dance like a monkey"In the Lion King, more insignificant new balance 574 women and marvelous duel set tomorrow night's appointment.With eight ape Shi mengjie road: "midnight tomorrow night, my brother waiting quietly outside the forest. "Say the hands arch, putt-putt two rings, two broken rifle launched into long ghost next to the tip of the trunk. Long ghost yizheng: "why is he won't let us through the Woods? Brothers in the history of the forest what business? "
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