then remove the needle new balance of his shoulders

November 23 [Sat], 2013, 11:43
Among small dragongirl in Flash, but the chest was empty just like nothing, a heart if you don't know where to, turn around and look at outdated Yang and saw he was sad and angry, your whole body tremble, is tantamount to the suffering the humiliation of going in my life at this time to vent out. Little dragongirl could not bear to see him so miserable and softly said, "son, we kill the case, blame others, you don't get too bitter. "Reach out and unplug the needles on the legs for him, and then remove the needle new balance of his shoulders. Ice vigor Silver Needle are her masters, and Li Mo worries about homemade wudu Palm toxicity completely different, the antidote to the door she was carrying, out to Yang took one, himself a heart. Yang Guo to hate, a loud Boo, cure vomiting in the ground.Guo Fu and anger: "AYO, great rack. Am I meant to do you harm? I lost to you not, that is, why so angry? One or two small needle, what is the deal? ”

Wu santong seen Yang faces of sorrow new balance 574 shoes and color fade, a scowl growing, and he bent down and picked up the first big sword handle black, knew the situation was wrong, favor approach and advise: "young brother, please don't be mad. Our group gave Li Mo Chou that demon trapped in a stone room, with great difficulty got out, Guo Guniang reckless, failed ... ... "Guo Fu fighting over: "why was I rude? You thought it was Li Mo Chou, otherwise but somehow into silence? ”Wu santong see Yang, look at Guo Fu, not knowing how to persuade enough.Small dragongirl was removing a cure, and softly said, "son, you are taking this medicine. Does not even me, you hear? "Yang dragons woman so gentle touching advice, open your mouth and swallowed, I think of two people in recent days the struggle between life and death, will ultimately come to naught, patience again, suddenly fall to my knees, v burst into tears at the sarcophagus.
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