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October 30 [Wed], 2013, 16:32
Even the hottest of Sun, the strong winds, are not likely to blow dry the cynics.Each time, I'm the only one who could see the House waist kept busy bees in my stove, built homes and stockpile food. This is probably because I was new balance 620 uk more careful. Remember when I first saw them, one day when I was cooking, washing clothes. Originally, at the time, I'm aiwei dense (Avignon) College to teach. Day time was almost two in the morning, and within minutes, beat drums outside workers make a speech urged me to go to wool. At this time, all of a sudden, I saw a very strange and combining with small insects. It enveloped in steam from the barrel wear to get out. This little animal is very interesting, which is pretty thin, but the back is very large, and between these two parts, turned out to be connected by a strand. What a wonderful little stuff!

This little thing is giving back the Queen Bee, this is the first time I did not see it watching it. So, if there's a first impression.After the first, I have this little House has been reported to have very strong interest. I enthusiastically new balance 3090 uk look forward to with this little fellow guests are familiar with each other, for some exchanges. So, I told my family, when I'm not at home, do not take the initiative to bother them, damaging their normal life. Look, how much I care not invited visitors to it! Good momentum of development has been better than I would like. When I came home, and found that it had not been disturbed at all, and all are safe. It is still behind the steam, efforts in its own work, and for his family and hard work. Because I wanted to look at the homes of lumbar bee building, and its construction, and the nature of its food, as well as the evolution and growth of the young wasps and, therefore, I flame stoves get put out. My main purpose of this is to reduce the amount of soot. For almost two hours, I looked at it very carefully.
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