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September 26 [Thu], 2013, 11:57
I didn't go to the Guest House for dinner. Since she had after the kissing of the flesh, I felt like a frog in love to eat, only a steady stream of passion. There is no appetite to eat. I find her handling of hybrid seven-eight little food, he shoved a few bites. I can't tell these things taste, know only they can produce heat, providing nutrition to extend my life.Hand-held binoculars I lie on the Windows, and used the start of lessons. I have in mind the exact timetable. There's no tall buildings in the South of the County, sight of accessibility, if you want, I can put smallpox on a square where the faces of morning air max trainers cheap exercises old people in the eyes. I first pointed his telescope at the alley of smallpox. First smallpox Hutong, is my family's numbers. Door closed. With my son's enemies use chalk on the door on the motifs and slogans. Is a boy showing his teeth to the left, half his face was painted white, and half his face dashed, two thin arms up to the top of the head, as if in surrender, two fine legs spread, in the middle of a disproportionately large genital, genital next white line straight draw to the bottom door, it's definitely urine.

Painted on the door panel to the right of a large Bell, upturned mouths into a Crescent shape, and Tau two pigtail girl. She is two thin arms above the shoulders, two fine legs spread, there is a white line painted in the middle to bottom of door. Boy pattern left to write three crooked characters: Blue open girl pattern right air max 2013 premium uk wrote three crooked characters: Pang of Phoenix. I understand that this picture the author's meaning. Massive anti-us and my son's daughter's classmate, said Phoenix was his class President. Flashed into my head one by one spring seedlings, Pang Hu, Wang Leyun, anti-American, Chang Tianhong, Simon Pang Jinlong, who face hearts a mess into a pile of garbage.I take the lens slightly raised, smallpox alley suddenly shortened ceiling square revenue eyes. Fountain Hugh retired and robbed of food on a flock of crows.
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