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September 24 [Tue], 2013, 11:43
Another pole stabbed inside, but underneath the car out of "snap" sound scared that people throw away pole and ran. People compare favourably with Earth and gun proposal, has suggested a tie gun Nang, has recommended the raging fire. These barbarous proposals were hung and Secretary of negation. Hung herself, by toms metallic linen sale the Secretary of the heavily said, "are more than shit bad idea, we have to ' big pig ', not fat pig!" Also suggested sending a brave woman got into the car to give it itch itch, fierce boar, also know that respect for women, right? killer pigs, tickling by a woman, would also eliminate the wild, right? idea is a good idea, but who will be sent, immediately became a problem. Also served as Vice Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, but in fact have no power yellow pupil: "now actively engaged in the there must be women! who can drill into this boar has surrendered, was awarded three Labor Day work points!" Taiyue hung grimly said, "so let your wife get!"

After Wu Qiuxiang refuge to a man, called Huang Tong: "you said much, brought this ugly!, let alone work points of the three Labor Day was 300 Labor Day work points, I don't go in there!" Embarrassed, Simon, the Golden Dragon, from toms vegan uk apricot end five dormitory Cook and feed pigs who walked out of the room. They were leaving the Yellow House double Johnson whom he walked a few steps later, he pushed the two women. Alongside the two women followed him, like his two beautiful bodyguard. Behind them, also with Kit-toting Simon baofeng and Liberation of blue, white, apricot, and arrested people such as Mo Yan. I saw Simon's Golden Dragon that dusty serious face, saw the liberation of blue, white, apricot, a dozen people picked the pig feed bucket, although I stuck the nose of apricot smell aromas of the feed. It's scrap cotton seed cake, dried sweet potatoes, black beans and sweet potato leaves mixed into paste.
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