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September 20 [Fri], 2013, 12:03
Chen Defu advanced to Jia Yuan was seen outside. A Ministry Councillor asked: "has been entrusted to find the child, what's wrong? "Chen Defu said," a Ministry Councillor, and has a small. "A Ministry Councillor:" where is he? "Chen Defu said," is now gate. "A Ministry councillor said:" who are you? "Chen Defu said:" it's a poor scholar. "A Ministry Councillor:" scholar touch, unfortunately, was poor. "Chen Defu said," a Ministry Councillor spoke funny, rich sold his children? "A Ministry councillor said:" ask him to nike free 3.0 v5 uk come in me. "Out of the door of the temple, was lucky when trying, Zhou Xiucai home guard when, due to the master of the House to go out did not return, was lack of money, and sleep at night, thieves stole nothing. Home cannot be sold, only a stack of old collapsing walls in the back garden. Think: "he didn't use, than sell the briquette, and money will do for a living. "Go out into the street, beat Jia Ren, know that he is used to the family wall, will give the authorities against his to sell.

Jia Ren said, "my family was about to briquette, said price, I picked to show up uninvited. "Really a deal price to pick out a bear is a bear. Open the back garden, with Jia Ren-driving self pick. Jia Ren brought shovels, hoes, rose or something to do it. Just chop down a wall, under foot and Arch stones, mud rustle down, just like the bottom was empty. Put out the mud and clay a piece of slate. PRY up the slate, but cover the nike free 4.0 v3 uk next stone trough, trough covered with clay bricks of gold and silver, I possibly can. Next to the sporadic and small block wedge. Eating was in for a surprise: "gods spirits! Yesterday dreams. Ashamed! A rich man today. "Heart of a meter, just put some gold and silver rose, top covered in dirt, fitted a TAM. And chose not to do, still covered with dirt, to be picked again. Shouldering shelter broken furnace, and are buried, ghosts don't know it. Games for one or two days, have been shipped out.
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