front of a red and new balance 3090 women's white

September 02 [Mon], 2013, 11:21
The Commander asked the driver to stop, get out of the car, will, head of the Political Commissar came to meet, he said, pointed their noses dismissed: "from where they learn from this? Get fired! Positions on go! ”He walked over to an artillery battery position, camp shed seen on flat ground in front of a red and new balance 3090 women's white colored stone inlay pictures of Tiananmen Square, round the sunflower and disloyal characters in four weeks, and there was the new Governor in the left and right sides, wrote: "the soldiers loyal to Chairman Mao, guarded night and day in Tiananmen Square. "The Commander on the company officials said," what do you guys use to guard about Tiananmen? Relying on this red flag drum? Watch out for enemy Tiananmen blow you! ”The phone rang. Wu Secretary of slightly surprised, go look at the door, overjoyed then turned around and picked up the microphone, just listen to his microphone had to say: "... ... Coming back? Good! ”

He put down the microphone, looking tense, immediately put the book on the desktop away, those documents and materials new balance 1500 womens at random and a hug, threw the safe hands a multi-pronged, busy sorting out. Not finishing is complete, freckling, trotted toward the phone, pick up the handset and dial a number, Shaoqing, he said on the phone, without beginning or end calls do not understand:Yell had no more success, struggle and finally triumphed, he crashed yesterday in the air force practiced ejection as the parachute jump, wearing cap passed walking towards the door.Commander Peng turn around and stand in place without moving, deep two tone, as if he were identified smelling a strange odor. Just now, he vaguely felt that sum cold green eyes seemed to Flash in the corner of it, look carefully, is gone. He thought for a moment, then went up to the telephone. Wu Zhong, in front of it first picked up the microphone and stammered:"Call me ... ... I come! You sit down to take ... ... Good income. ”
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