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August 31 [Sat], 2013, 11:56
"Well," Commissar linking several head says: "you made these possible cases very good, this preparation is necessary. However, in order to work, cadres, party, song, have to work to persuade them not to disrupt the party's deployment. You attention and dance ensemble, they were able to listen to you. "No words, drunk, Jiang seems a bit restless, as if he were an urgent matter on your mind and ass on the couch mill to grind. A look at Political Commissar Chen, as if he did not finish. Jiang finally new balance 620 mens heed his drunk, suddenly stood up and said: "the Commissar, I'm gone. "There is no political Commissar said yes or no, he was out the door and is no longer to say goodbye to these small Cannon, passed downstairs, hurried out of the patio doors.Political Commissar Chen watched the river drunk out and told himself: "what does this mean? The crowd ... ... The crowd ... ... What happens to people? Mr PANG Chun-hoi, alive in his? "He thought of Mr PANG Chun-hoi, his ally, just come along,, 40 years.

He recalls the incident:Mosquitoes do not have sound, no sound throughout the room. Chen Jingquan Commissar has just put down the phone, hand is not removed from your telephone, shivering. His Secretary Xu Kai heads stood new balance 996 mens watching with disbelief look, two people who don't talk. Calls from Beijing, specifies Commissar Chen personally answered calls for short time, certainly very important, as political Commissar Chen tremor in his voice, attitude and guilt is rarely seen, and after put the phone down, stood like Alzheimer's is also unprecedented. Secretary Xu opened private records, went over the Shrine just down the phone from behind and lines as well as the text literally, the opposite side of the each angle research. Turn around and look at the side of head, face pity, not groaning is not at liberty to express their grievances and sympathies, can only be objectively and rigorously work like a computer.

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