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August 29 [Thu], 2013, 12:11
Aoleiliannuo second immediately recognized the man, because the image of the old man is the buendiya handed down from generation to generation, from grandparents have been handed down to him.Attempted suicide in just a few hours back to Colonel aoleiliannuo the loss of prestige. Who he was talking to brick houses and betray the people of victory, acts as a sublime Act that he had committed new balance 620 mens suicide, declared him a martyr. Later, he refused to the President of the Republic awarded him the Medal of honor, and even the Liberal Party's fierce opposition to his people to ask him to reject a truce conditions, again go to war. House full of gift as an apology of former comrades for his support, though a bit late, but he also has been greatly has not ruled out the possibility meets the requirements. In contrast, there was a time, he seemed keen to relaunch the war. Colonel gelinlieerduo·makesi even thought: he is just waiting for an excuse to declare war.

Excuses do find, that's what the President of the Republic deny pensions to combatants in the past – the Liberals and the new balance 996 mens Conservatives, unless each of them has been examined by the Special Committee clear and appropriations bills approved by the Congress. "This is irrational," said Colonel aoleiliannuo stormed. "They still haven't received their pensions will die of old age. "He left the first time Wu Suna preserve one ' s health bought him a rocking chair, pacing back and forth in a bedroom, say a tough message for the President of the Republic. The Telegraph published this never, he condemned the destruction, President, RAND terms of the Armistice Agreement, and threatened that if pension funds have not resolved in two weeks, he was going to declare war to the death. His attitude was so fair, even can count on before the Conservatives support combatants. "A toast to the health of the Pope! "Aoleiliannuo cried the second.As he ran into all kinds of good things in his long life, this wealth was abrupt.
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