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August 20 [Tue], 2013, 11:31
Niu Yueqing said Wang Ximian's wife was also informed yesterday evening to watch, her back was sore therapy is good right? Haven't seen him in court and will ask what it? He lit a cigarette, opposite to see that has been set to the street that many people in the place, a glance on their eyelid color and clothing is down. Saw was his hand; a whitewash brushes; built in there, before them of various sizes painted air jordan mens uk wooden fancy, head gongyao there smoking, spitting, talking in a low voice. Zhuang Zhi butterflies don't know what these people are doing here early in the morning, have to go, three or four people came and said, "Sir, do you have any live? Prices can be about. "Butterfly suddenly understood that this was a spontaneous labour market, hastily waved he had no work to please them, one sentence:" I'm going to see Ruan Zhifei. "Off our heads and left, it really is walked towards the direction of Ruan Zhifei dance halls.

Walk about one station away, looking for Ruan Zhifei are wondering why all of a sudden talking about? Such a mind to listen to the song and dance, your not gonna hear. Going to influence others, is also to the bookstore to see how business, how gallery under construction! But later dismissed the idea, to "seek housing air jordan womens uk shortage" going, trying to get some sleep. Zhuang Zhi butterflies just to "seek housing shortages" comes. Passing the qingxu Nunnery Hill entrance, a small carrying brooms sweep there, don't think, pitched San Road: "master, do you this is for Classic drew a beard? "Little nun raised his head, eyelid Shua red and said," the Gate Street, where I can sweep clean? "But turn one ' s face to sweep again. The little nun looks rough, but shy and honest mind of Zhuang Zhi Butterfly thinks is cute, he said: "I say, you're getting serious! Master Hui-Ming in the Nunnery, right? "The little nun said," you find her? She made in a monastic room lessons. You come and find her so early! "
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