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August 19 [Mon], 2013, 11:28
Ruan Zhifei was entrusted Niu Yueqing, is a butterfly of was asked something, just before lunch on the day with a car for the Zhuang Zhi butterfly out to China Tang restaurant for dinner, and then back to I know non-residential floor of the first floor offices. This is a three-story medium floor, rental Ruan Zhifei Orchestra nike air max 1 cheap for many years. The old lady came out from the bedroom, says, "I was your thing, but then again so is not in the ear? "I was pumped. Looking forward to you coming to dinner as a family. Zhuang Zhidie read one by one, only stunned, cried: "there still have that kind of odd books! What I wrote above. "Bodawpaya books said" I told you before, you always believe. In the I Ching, the book is one of the most magical number code, it had been lost for hundreds of years, is heard not seen many good practise divination.

According to the think tank said, is a Department of xijing fucheng library, Kang Youwei to the West of Beijing that year, everywhere to see rare cultural relics, stole a few things left, Imperial City Library and pregnancy Juan Temple was he stole a gold ink and only found one book by this, letter to warlord of nike air max 90 cheap Shaanxi Province. Warlord orders sent to recover, riders caught up with only catching up to the Tong, effect of face you want to come back, this has shocked the whole country at that time. But then also found less of a bibliography of books out, I discovered how many people think of the Shao Zi God number could not be found, is known to be kanglaofuzi stolen. Kang You-wei's death, who don't know the book drop. Two years ago Taiwan has a high man, claiming to be a set of the gods, but only of the gods the gods do not find solutions, has visited 13 provinces on the Mainland, is also empty-handed. Now I do have! "Zhuang Zhidie said:" to be so unreliable, how can you shout? "
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