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August 14 [Wed], 2013, 11:56
The consent of the Central, Secretary of the provincial party Committee decided to restructure. Comrade Qin Fugong was removed from the provincial party Committee Deputy Secretary and Secretary of post, when a nike air max 95 sale meeting of the national people's Congress, to be added as Deputy Director of the provincial people's Congress...... Tian fujun was in the background, replacing the Qin Fu Gong Office.Now, he is on municipal party Committee took office. Aiyun and father-in-law to wait for a while before moving down, so he was in the Office one of temporary support for a bed. From a domestic perspective, the whole family will be reunited. Daughter son Xiao Chen and Xiao Xia he has been excited to see; see him busy, sit a sit, back to their units. As far as working, but more heavily than dibutyl xanthogen; face because a lot of things, he had never known.

Tian fujun took office a few days later, Black Dragon River farm events and had a relapse. There the problem because not fundamentally resolved, farm workers are not satisfied with, started to gather again making trouble. This cause trouble nike air max classic bw uk and we did last time, many people once again sitting cars came to the municipal party Committee to address the remaining issues. This time, however, did not last larger scale, children did not come for the elderly--the children of the school buildings have been vacated, class next semester no problem.Although small in scale, but still very large. Provincial towns and suddenly for the uproar. Party like busy streets again on the small square in front of the general chaos.Tian fujun emergency measures have been taken. He let his Office arranged for these people to eat and accommodation. Can't put things on the streets! Through contact and television and film studios, got many film and TV video where these people. Tian fujun instructions: to fight film ever made! Plot twists and hilarious videos! A set of then a!
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