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August 13 [Tue], 2013, 11:52
Provincial party school two years after graduation, he first former Executive Deputy Director of the West County Revolutionary Committee-we remember, to that end, Tian fujun and Zhang Youzhi had a difficult conversation. After the dangzhengfenkai, Tony Wen County positions.The outside world does not know, and Party Secretary Zhou Wenlong fight. Past impressions of these two men, it is generally believed supra skytop 2 uk that intellectual comrades must be right, but, to be honest, the original West County in recent years is mainly the work of Zhou Wenlong, move up and down. He has a cultural, professional, open to new ideas, and can eat bitter, often in various places in the County. Puzzling is, this two-year state of mind Express has more and more depressed, too ready to run to the old traditional Chinese medicine Gu Jianling there and start a big bag of tonic. Push push, power shouldn't be caught, catch and hold.

Tony Wen due to their past mistakes, can only stand for and accommodate the County party Committee that did. These two men have changed, should remind us that can't keep a perspective. Do not think that a person on the supra skytop 3 uk edge right, think that he is always right. Just because a person commits mistakes, concluded that he can no longer join the excellent team. It is so simple, support carried out by fact, but life with the same look in men is often present. Thanks Tian fujun was not such a person, therefore without prejudice, even reuse regardless of the personal animosity that once people who had strongly opposed him...... Now, Zhou Wenlong went home less. He began enthusiastically asked questions about small bricks, and from time to time on the County Department relating to the Secretary about how development within the County's booming township enterprises ... ...
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