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August 12 [Mon], 2013, 11:46
Half a day and then no sound. Less thought was his hearing errors--the phenomenon is most likely to occur at night time. Now, Sun Shaoping who although not a lot of money, but his heart is still relatively calm. Once again, he looked at his actions, still does not regret for that purpose. In any case, he saved a small grass nike air max 2013 australia under the kicking. He didn't want to go to law against Hu Yongzhou. This is not to say that he feared Hu Yongzhou backer Gao Fengge, but rather that he have the energy to go out. A displacement of the langong and Han can do nothing more. Now, he's rushing for their livelihood now!In this way, Sun Shaoping will once again come to Dongguan bridge head on the labour market.This is a never a depressed market, have all Shin Ka chuen rural households grow crops alone, surplus labour is increasing. Like his brother, not many people have a factory, most laid-back people had to come out lanhuo. Four seasons out of some perennial vitality; plenty of slack season ran out to get a January day labourer during the first half, making two cash.Eat grain in rural areas is now small, but most of the farmers are short on cash on hand; out digging catch a few, top than staying at home.

Because of this, xanthan, Dongguan this "market" than depression, but more and more "prosperous". From morning till night, and air nike air max 95 australia venues around the bridge sidewalks on both sides of the street, filled with crowded districts of the North flowing down the langong Han.Around these people are self-employed in a restaurant, the stalls, the hostel also dramatically expanded around it. Dongguan is like a base camp of the Gypsies as a whole. In addition, the scenery from other provinces are also a gang leader in the noisy place. Monkey bars, selling discount dog and cats, medical practitioners practise divination; thieves, Crooks, beggars and unlicensed prostitutes, sneak in the meantime. Street vendors selling clothing right next to a, has been to the long-distance bus station near the colorful, colorful clothes like a flag fluttering in the wind.
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