Gu Yangmin to nike free 3.0 v4 womens see him

August 07 [Wed], 2013, 12:09
One night, he writes down a moment to go to the bathroom and came back suddenly found that Gu Yangmin is lying on his desk, see Xiao Xia that notebook. Sun Shaoping head "shot" rang a loud: A dead end!Gu Yangmin to nike free 3.0 v4 womens see him come back, sorry to say right away: "I came out to poop in, see the classroom lights, thinking about who finished study hall forgot to turn off the lights, come in ready to turn off the lights, turns out these poems on your desk. I shouldn't have, but have a look at the hands fit ... ... Oh, these poems so well written! I listen to my parents that there was make private copies of Tiananmen Square poetry, but had never seen. I can't believe you're so thick one say! Where did you get? Can I copy? "Less flat, she said:" I think he copied to. Copied it on his own, there would be no breaks this up! "Xiao Xia think less, makes sense, he said: "then let him copy. Can't have people found! You have to give him clear it! "" You do not tell me that! "Little said.

The next night, night, Gu Yangmin come on time. He was grateful little flat he copied these poems. Two men then get down on a desk, nervously to copy on your own notebook. Less flat earlier been forgotten, Gu Yangmin nike free 5.0 womens and Hao Hongmei. Original plum and of his own that "nothing to do" was becoming distant and vague. Besides, he now He Xiaoxia that interaction has made earlier, then everything becomes negligible.After two or three nights, less flat and Gu Yangmin has copied these poems. Little green notebook that also gave Xiao-Xia--Gu Yangmin has no idea who is this notebook. In later days, Gu Yangmin also has been circling in my head about it, don't know where the hell all these little flat from "confidential", supposedly, less flat from rural, home too impatient to have a cadre of outside work, how could he possibly get of the poem colloction of Tiananmen Square?In any case, the rural student is not small! Gu Yangmin feel, Sun Shaoping got a don't know attraction--which is rare in the rural students.
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