stuffed with big date with nike air max wright uk hanging

August 07 [Wed], 2013, 11:19
"Zhou Wenlong spread said Vice President Deng revisionism that has a! "Zhang Youzhi was also put in chopsticks on the table.Tian fujun smiled, thought it over, also had to agree to a think tank. At this point, Liu Zhixiang nike air max trainer 1.3 uk suddenly cried: "Oh, you see, I have! In this talk, forgot to give you two arranged the rice! Tell me to come to the kitchen to say so! "Liu Zhixiang was ready to leave, Tian fujun, he can't even say:" Chi Cheung you don't favor the rice! You also don't give me on purpose express and to arrange, what you eat, we eat a little bit on the line. Tony Wen came back, and after he spoke, we strive for then get to shigejie. We have to go back to Willow fork to...... "Zhang Youzhi asked Liu Zhixiang: "just what the woman crying in your Office kiln miles? "Liu Zhixiang said:" this was a laborer Liu Ping store, women's diseases, to leave home, Tony Wen does not approve, she just came to me. Tony Wen does not leak information, I cannot approve...... "

Only Tin is an exception. "Half head" today do not pick up anything else, pick up date. He pushed his mouth chewing dates, hands date to pick up on his front two large pockets stuffed with; both stuffed with big date with nike air max wright uk hanging on his chest, like a kangaroo-like, too tired to he is able. He picked up while eating, Hei Hei smile, forget saying says: "things have changed......"It was also found that even love hot old guys Tian Wanyou also climbed to jujube trees up the beauty! He took a grinding five short of three thick sticks; side BAR-TACK, side of mouth and sang Xintian You, changed the cherry free to the Red date--Sun Joji high, small (it) carried bamboo poles and ran, Oh well! A sister, we come and play date ... ... Women on the ground shouted to jujube trees all at once: "bantian, bright open throat singing! "Loves jokes Jin Junwen's wife Guilan Zhang and cried out, saying:" acid! "Tian Wu spirits come, simply stick to get a tree ROM a cross grinding, look up, eyes look much, my mouth how much, let go of acoustic sing opened--called a sister Zhang Guilan, you I love acid acid!
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