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July 23 [Tue], 2013, 11:36
Besides Genji's son has long retreat, is to be alone, after a Brown study, decided in the Palace see Tong pot. His departure the day before yesterday, heaven knows, lowered a shower, wine sympathetic tears, cold nike free run 2 womens wind sweeping dead leaves decay more depression. Everyone stood on the sidelines, nutation speechless. After Genji developed out of the Palace, overnight parking in two private homes, attendants will be led, you went to two homes to prepare to meet. Left Minister evil people are all upset. As if his own son this will no longer be back. Left Minister couples seeing this scene, adds a new worry.Genji's son to which the old lady a letter, which said, "only because they are thinking of father time, with immediate effect in the Palace birthplace. Though not the heart grow fonder, but it was this fate, enclosed micro life today, heart and agitation such as. Should come to join Tim melancholy, future goodbye. "The old woman's eyes were Dim, exhibition Bi Lai book, failed to answer the question.

Left Minister sad ungovernable, frequent face to sleeves, out of his own son. About Entourage witnessing this soulful, yet everything is accomplished under the weeping. Genji's son evoke memories of the past nike free 3.0 v4 womens while living in the present, in a fit of grief welling up inside. Behavior remains robust, however, charm is still elegant. Left Minister hesitate, son says: "I'm a creaky, hard grief. Vertical small, unfortunately, remain a sad weeping, being this bad luck, flapped when the sleeves are makes no difference. One's heart is confused, manners faux pas, apart from fear of frustration, loss of etiquette, so can't be presented to court. Don't want to seventy years of age old, every such inverse, fate is out! Love when her husband, trip to the Palace, there are circumstances such as this are all looking at shanghuang is played, and on behalf of the greeting, "he tried to calm, just saying this,, looks like people have mercy on REI.
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