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July 19 [Fri], 2013, 17:09
Ms Empress Zhao Feiyan angelically immediately accept Madam fan suggestions, send someone to meet Zhao Hede. Kung Fu, Zhao Hede ladies and curvaceous and soft, walk down the Royal car, Mr Liu Ao open longan look, her hair as black cloud, eyebrow thin willow, ruddy face dripping, skin is a pile buy nike free 5.0 of snow.He playing women much, never seen such beautiful angels, a Flash of longan suspicious, he must have had something wrong with, this is not what the fairy is?Soul out of my body from head, his mouth agape, and couldn't say a Word.He not only you a person is so, was Lady-in-waiting to the care of those eunuchs around, mouths one by one up the tongue. Only an old milk, known as "Dr covered with fragrant" (Court teachers) mire Ms Fang Cheng, was standing behind Mr Liu Ao, in storms, spit a mouthful of spit and quietly said: "this is the beauty, to fire. ”

In China, where beautiful nike free 4.0 v3 womens women are often dirty words to "beauty", here was the allusions. Mire Ms Fang Cheng said this, because Astrology believes that the fate of the Western Han dynasty belonging to Mars (fire Tak), beauty now flooded Mars.Mire Ms Fang Cheng, both small and low, Mr Liu Ao certainly did not hear. Actually heard, also no use, cover the burn, the sky is a shit, not to mention beauty. That evening, Zhao Hede ladies room one of carcass, sent an army of charm, the budding saturate with water, Fawn hundred born, Mr Liu Ao initiations Daigo, than with sister Empress Zhao Feiyan when hooking up on a woman, taught him to wish to die. Mr Liu Ao hates vain, 38 years old, managed to enjoy the real taste of life today. Thus, his breast Lady Zhao Hede, calling it a "gentle", sighed and said: "I always, unwilling to follow the example of Mr Liu Che to pursue our ancestors of Baiyun. "Remember Madam fan pimp credit, and rewarded her clocks," Sierra Gold Brocade "24.
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