God bless his wife cheap nike free 5.0 whispered to little Shun

July 18 [Thu], 2013, 11:58
At night, housing is still very hot. Everyone pretended to be sleeping, but no one could not sleep. For a while, small niuzi as if he blew up the heat rash cried twice; for a while, Qi Laoren sigh sigh; God bless his wife cheap nike free 5.0 whispered to little Shun and son say something. Black days, hot air, restless mood, makes the whole family feel something terrible has happened in secret ambush. No one likes ruifeng, true; but we know he's bored of ignorance, the more worried he.Until the morning, House of heat dissipated, there has also been some cool breeze, we only sleep.Yun MUI up very early. However, out of the door, see Qi Laoren in sitting in the House. The white hair of the elderly, in particular, on top of that a few, Xiaofeng, slightly unsteady and fibrillation was bleak. Deeper than the old wrinkles on his face, like many, particularly dark, small short gown tied a button only for the elderly, part exposed chest, where pork skin is wrinkling, dark, as there is no blood. "Why are you up so early? "Yun MUI whispered asked.

Well most of the day the man didn't nike huarache sale answer a Word. With his head down, his Chin as if to skinny jacking hard in the chest. For a long time, he sighed, still with his head down and said "huh! Wrong, I am all set wrong! Me hard on the disaster of beiping three months, three months? For years! I reckoned, however, we're not starving; huh! Look at the small niuzi to see if your mother-in-law! I reckoned, Qi Jia Huo Zi of us is bitter, it may not be able to hurt the population; however, your father-in-law, now turn to Dick! "" White patrol long! "Shui Xuan's lips quivered said:" I leave this coat here, right? Must not teach my grandfather saw! My father ... ... Now Dick, Grandpa can't stand! Please order me a favor, don't tell anyone about it! "" I understand! Some help! "White patrol the long coats that wrap it up. "Qi Xiansheng, not sad! Good people, he causes or will die soon! "Rui propaganda hurried to find Li Siye.
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