Asked the two women nike lunarglide 4 women's did not speak

July 16 [Tue], 2013, 12:00
At first, I do not like your marriage, neither look horoscopes children, batch number of marriage, not any old people relative fortune teller please see; these guys, sudden illnesses come without? Do not listen to old words, evil in the eyes ! This is simply lost the Qijia face thoroughly! "Elderly people arguing about this meal, put God Bless his wife and plum are recruited to rhyme. Asked the two women nike lunarglide 4 women's did not speak, hearts were probably already understand. God Bless Mrs.Heart very sad: Speak to me, not to be said; does not speak, but also solve the problem. Blame her second child right, bear; comforted him, and can not be reconciled. Teach his son to fight it, is not good; teach him to swallow, promised to divorce, not great and reasonable. Look at this, and look at that, her heart became a worry wart jaundice. Meanwhile, in the old man in front of her eyes did not dare bitter distress; she was trying to cover up with a smile from the heart sad.

Yun Mei it, otherwise a sad heart. She was nike roshe run afraid of the word divorce. Qi elderly do not like to hear this word, but in his heart, which in the end is slim so horrible word, abstract, just as he often lamented "Renxinbugu" So irrelevant. He's afraid of "divorce", just as he was afraid of the train, even though he did not ever knocked over by a train in danger. Yun Mei afraid of "divorce", but more specific. Ever since she was to marry Qijia, she worries with perhaps someday Ruixuan will run out and not come back, and one to two to go, her destiny will end in "divorce" on. She was not very sympathetic to her second child, but hated fat Kikuko. If only for the sake of discussion, said she would very readily tell you: "say good scattered, teach fat Kikuko dry her go!" But she did not dare say so. If she was in favor of the second child of divorce, then, if Ruixuan have come such a hand it? She thought for a long time, it is best to silent.
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