his discount air jordan 5 nose is more famous now

July 11 [Thu], 2013, 17:05
None of the characters in his head, and arranged very neatly on a piece of number characters. He is the love of money, money is his "four books" or "Uncle" – he doesn't know "books" and "Uncle" how much difference is there. However, he is also very generous. When buying face, he will get the money, well not teach his red nose reduced brilliance. If someone gave him a bottle of wine, his discount air jordan 5 nose is more famous now, and even think of sending light.He and yin made with residents. Yin did not lend him money, and often sent him rolling the old wine and, therefore, the two men became good friends. Inspiration poems full of poetry, full accounts of three statues, but no mention of poetry and books, when I drink red face, who found they were "persons".Talk talk, talking about money and daughter-in-law problems. Shui Xuan sudden inspiration: "you know don't know what valuable things do they hold? Calligraphy and painting, or rare books? If this kind of stuff, we sell sell, can get a sum of money, didn't you? "

"I don't know! "Wild begging eyes go much faster, as if willing to immediately find one or two pieces of treasure, enough to make sister from the cold. "There is now who are willing to buy books on calligraphy? Our ideas are only applicable to the Taiping years, whereas today...... "his thin lips tightly shut and anemia brain hollow piece, lay like a long time, the eggs."Ask the money his wife? "The Swiss Alliance is eager to give her a little money. "Well," please go the wild a few eyeballs. "You don't know my sister's temperament! She worshipped my elder sister's husband! "Be careful, he avoided calling out the names of the elder sister's husband. "I know that the elder cheap air jordan 6 sister's husband is even the flies are not to offend people, he must have forced the sisters to obey him. But his words, just a small hobby, be regarded as sacrosanct by sister and would not be changed. Shui Xuan shook. Indeed, since the enemy into the Beijing newspaper after being raped, he stopped reading his newspaper. In normal times, reading the newspaper is one of his pastimes.
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