I hid in the curtains busy following the man handed me one thing

November 26 [Mon], 2012, 16:20
He sleeps for long, I woke a hoarse voice: "Hello ...... Hello ..." I opened my hazy sleepy, can not help but stay! In front of everything so bad: even originally as a beautiful, comfortable beach covered with dead fish, garbage; originally as vibrant sky turned dark clouds, smoke billowing; carefully look around, dozens of factories are black gas emissions; originally as desirable sea, and now has become an ink pool, a pool of stagnant water, above the bodies ... I suddenly felt a burst of breathing reebok realflex uk difficulties, and even cough, the man quickly handed me a mask said: "even out gas masks are not wearing Siya do you want?" I put on the so-called gas masks, carefully looked at him: skinny as skinny body, less than a five meters tall, hair skin radiate colors, one white and one black look. I could not see his face, because blocked by the mask. Where is it? My heart is full of doubts.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning, the next factory caught fire immediately. I Manghan: "firefighting Yeah! Fire!" But next to people who are indifferent. A moment later, playing the thunder, rain soon. I hid in the curtains busy following the man handed me one thing, cloak-like clothing. "Quick to put it on!" He seems a little angry, "Truly this man was, not with out even the most basic of gas masks and anti-acid rain cape!!" Big doubts in my mind more and more, I asked him: "This is where? when?" he said impatiently: "Earth 2404!! you do not how? Road?" very surprised me, how is this possible?At this time, a spacecraft like big things flying over, landing on the ground, seaside reebok zig energy sale those people scrambled to run into, and pretty soon, it flew away. "You do not go??" The man suddenly asked me, made me somehow. Go?? "You really do not know you?" The man is very surprised. I confess: "I tell you, I was the person in 2004, I do not know how to come to this in the end is how is the matter?"
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