the adidas adipure iv sale recognition of the business managers

September 04 [Tue], 2012, 12:32
Before the popularity of the Internet, businesses often accustomed to advertising in newspapers, magazines, television, radio and other traditional media. Information collection channels was relatively narrow, magazines, newspapers, advertising basically cover all people access to information collected channels, so the effect is also a short period of time to obtain the adidas adipure iv sale recognition of the business managers.However, when the Internet, the rapid spread of mobile Internet, traditional media advertising effect gradually decline, the price is also gradually reduced. Clearly, the Internet has changed people's access to information channels, reducing the attention of people on traditional media advertising. With the development of Internet, mobile Internet, the network not only become an important information acquisition channels the microblogging, BBS, blog networks since the rise of the media, but also makes it has changed a great understanding and utilization of the media. Compared to manufacturers boast, consumers are more willing to listen to feedback from users, word-of-mouth also will be more and more important role.

Ning Wen, general manager of the network channel consulting, Internet deepened by word-of-mouth marketing platform, has even become a mainstream model to create a new brand. For example, the price war Jingdong Suning, is to make use of the microblogging platform with consumers ongoing communication, communication, and information dissemination. A short period of time led to consumer hot, and even lead to Zhou Hongyi, Pan Shiyi, the attention of industry bigwigs. The sustained attention of the CCTV and other major media event, not only to promote the event hot spots, but also to the role of the Internet to further show.Internet experts believe that the microblogging platform, the mode of transmission of the adidas speed boat information is spread through the power of two, after the release of the one person, two people see that there are 4 people to see, and then 16 people dissemination The effect will be far greater than the advertising media, and more targeted. If Jingdong will provoke a price war microblogging made advertising in Home advertising bar, one day you need hundreds of thousands or even millions, If you do traditional media advertising, the cost will be higher. Released a microblogging capital investment of almost 0, and the induced effect is more intuitive, more controlled, more realistic.

Establish a brand image and promotion is not a short period of time to complete the task, but requires a long period of accumulation and precipitation. However, many companies often do not understand this truth, often anxious. Some public relations firm or individual teams is to seize the psychological, through a short period of time a large number of comments or forward to give customers "do effect." Clearly, network marketing is not through false to make the the corporate desired "effect", but by planning, creativity, attract potential consumers an active interest in business, and take the initiative to understand the business. "This is reebok easytone uk what the network channel for customers to realize the network of public relations and marketing agencies to promote the value of the natural effect of marketing consulting type of high-quality planning and content marketing." Ning Wen said.He is a young player but is not "great" like winning, entering the league as to second place in 2007, mere appearance is hard to believe that the only 23-year-old, humble and low-key players on the pitch can not be ignored the silent killer.
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