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October 08 [Mon], 2012, 11:50
Ah, such as after the arrival, asked me: "Princess, you injured?" I shook my head. Ah, such as then asked: "that attacks you people, you know it?" And I replied: "I do not know, but his name is Xiao." Ah, such as air max tn cheap surprise. I asked her: "What is it?" Ah, such a little afraid to say: "Xiao is your best friend. Previous years dead ..." I hear, also was taken aback. See Ah, such as the appearance of fear, I said: Ah, such as "Ah, such as, you let me think about it, you can also go to calm down!" Ah, such nodded, withdrew. A as finally stopped, to a place where no one. I asked her: "Ah, such as, why I pulled out ah? But still no place." Ah, such as laughing. I suddenly felt puzzled, asked Ah, such as: "Ah, such as, how do you it? I'll show you a good look at the imperial doctor!" Ah as she pulled to go. Ah, such as pulling away and I hold her hand. Suddenly, A, such as: "Ha ha ha ... I'll tell you! I do not your maid Ah, such as!" Results Ah, such as exposed Mami is fake Xiao! I quickly asked to leave Xiao: "Ah, such as it? She is where?" Xiao Kazakhstan laughed. He said to me: "You still do not understand it? Fact, I A as A as me!" I do not believe, he said: "how could that be?" Fake Xiao said: Ah, such as "Do not found? absence, I appeared; A as in the time, but I do not know disappeared "I immediately ran away, despite repeated he was about to be caught, but successfully fled to dance. I shouted: "the assassin! Come on people!" Security guard stopped immediately leave Xiao, and he air max skyline cheap caught. Later that thing will be over. Early in the morning, like ten million Asaka sword through the treetops shone a tranquil summer home; the Orient thrown Asaka instant, Sky has become a colorful magnificent world. The dawn of the morning slowly awakens the sleeping creatures.I saw them, it was a man. He is white hair red eyes. I asked: "Who are you?" The man replied: "Xiao." "What are you doing here? You do not dare to break into my palace is a capital offense this!?" I shouted sharply. Xiao said: "How can I not know? Saying that I think you are not the original princess?" I deeply doubt: "Why do you say? Former princess like you my princess ah!" Xiao said with disdain: " running around, no lady look like she was a ruthless! "" Oh, "a cry. Then Xiao went to go on: "I heard that you have amnesia? Would not be installed out of it?" I answered him angry: "You do not believe? Anyway, you believe it or not has nothing to do with me! Such a person like you, I most do not want to see! "Xiao sneer. I shouted: "come! Assassin!" Many escort came. Xiao glowered at me and said: "you ruthless!" And then quickly fled.
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