the battleship disappeared in air max tn cheap the sea level

October 05 [Fri], 2012, 10:58
"Damn! Enemy electron screening instrument to work!" Adjutant beside me asked me: "Sir, how to do now?" I looked at the impending darkness, gave the order: "go first go to the sea floor to deliver goods. saw the spaceship instantly turned into a submarine toward the sea floor.Came to an independent air max skyline cheap group, I found that all the soldiers are Zhaoyan, body covered with blood. I eat oxygen supply drugs, wearing comfortable shoes to walk on the seabed and the sea, and saw the head of the independent group - everywhere in a leaky house. He has several days without sleep, the eyes of redness firm belief is still shining. He saw me, like to see the savior ceasing mouth muttered: "finally came, finally came." Under after a brief greeting, lined to gave the order: "Let the soldiers eat Bon appetit him a tomorrow to do it. "21:00, I harbored uneasy feeling into the dreamland .

5:00, the independent group "revenge action. I was ordered to destroy the enemy's arsenal led by mysterious forces. At the same time, everywhere personally led the head of the Fleet held a decisive battle with the enemy at sea. Public enemy, I am widowed soon wiped out the forest, head, and he's a very dangerous situation, warships several enemy shelling, all died around cronies, he is not afraid, still in command of the battle. Destroy the enemy arsenal, I led the troops rushed back to join the fight. The enemy has to see the reinforcements to hurriedly retreat. Just when I'm ready to joint forest fleet headed to destroy the enemy, a laser gun aimed at the buildings, head of the battleship, a light flashed, the head of the battleship disappeared in air max tn cheap the sea level, all the soldiers froze, Some soldiers of the independent group begins to cry. However, they soon realize that not crying now, should now take up arms for the Brigadier revenge. Suddenly, dozens of warships laser cannons hair on an aircraft carrier the bombers together to take off, fly to the enemy .This battle, we eliminated tens of thousands of enemy troops and captured more than 3,000 enemy group annihilated .December 31, the headquarters for the forest, head held a memorial service, and appointed me as an independent regiment, in the meeting, I overheard lined head of the sacrifice eight head of the regiment since the establishment of , suddenly, my eyes hazy .The war continues, I will be an independent group led by the expedition again .
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