my father spent a air max 2011 sale great perspicacity

October 03 [Wed], 2012, 15:19
That day, the weather is sunny, the puppy first came to my house, he is small, only the ball is so large. Because it is chubby and hairy, so I call it a soft and thick. The man said, downy newborn less than a month to be delivered to my house to listen to send the dog. Probably not suited to the new environment, it has been hiding under the table and refused to come out, and my father spent a air max 2011 sale great perspicacity to pull it out. Dad let me accompany it to the backyard to relax.In the backyard, it either ran the entire body curled, I can see it very afraid. I think it may a little bit hungry, begins secretly get fat in the fridge, on the front of it. Beginning, it hesitated, to just carefully scraped planing. But soon it began gobbled up, because I was small, not too forward, only afar it was cute, my father and I also do a pretty good nest this is it's home, it will become a new member of my family.

The beginning, as long as a school, came home to bag a still, they went straight to the hut, take a look at the day it flies what I also often delicious dinner table full clip in his bowl, lied to parents that own backyard to eat, in fact, more than half it, but I still afar it dare not too close. In this way, our friendship increasingly deep. So, every time it saw me, it enthusiastically rushed over left jump right jump. Enthusiasm for it, I am very happy, but can not accept, because I heard that get rabies after being bitten by dogs, so I had to reject a thousand miles, only secretly from the jordan 7 cheap door to see if it, it also see me, flapping tongue wooden door to me, it looks like a cute, but I mercilessly left it, just do not want to see my appearance and sad, when I turned to leave, I saw it droop his head, eyes full of loss.In this way, my father bought from the market a dog chain, there are even a little bell, though reluctantly, but eventually pro gloves in the body. After school, I'll go to see it, but each time it wanted to get close to me, who the shackles bound, it can not take a step forward, even if you step!
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