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September 27 [Thu], 2012, 16:52
92 three years ago, knocking on the true meaning of a great Chinese people sleeping Millennium lion door, with the soaring passion of the May Fourth Movement, the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal consciousness continues cheap nike air presto to firm, since then in China and even the heart of the world the Marxist doctrine began to realize its value.The outbreak of the May Fourth Movement, thoroughly aroused the patriotic enthusiasm of the Chinese people, nearly a hundred years of ethnic grievances such as volcanic outbreak capitalist system in China, although only introduced a few years, but its drawbacks unreservedly exposed to front of people. In order to save the country, in order to realize the fate of the nation, every man is responsible for the aspirations of people with lofty ideals are once again began salvation and to seek the path of reform. The October Revolution in Russia for this the Endangered nearly perish country to bring hope, the Southern Chen North Lee began strong faith, go around preaching the doctrine of Marxism, an mens nike air max tn attempt to save the Chinese Marxism. In this way, Mr. Li Dazhao Marxist concept "as about to meet in the" New Youth ", it appears, such as spark into Liaoyuanzhishi inspired countless Chinese people believe in Marxism, which embarked on a The communism road. The Lin Zexu eyes open to see the world the Chinese people, then, no doubt, zhao China embarked on the road the first mentor Marxism.Mao Zedong Thought to Deng Xiaoping Theory, to the "Three Represents" to the scientific concept of development, the times of Marxism Marxism in China has become an irresistible trend, to promote China's development and progress . The Chinese Marxism advocacy guidelines of the great cause of the Party and the people continue to victory, showing strong vitality of Marxism unprecedented. We are confident that in the near future, the world would be dominated by the red flag!
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