Anxious anxious >"< 

May 04 [Sun], 2008, 14:36
Dear: dearest dearest dear dear Jaejoongie oppa *:)

aughhhh!!! oppa what to do!!! I'm so nervous!! o___O
Tomorrow, I'm going to an amusement park
alone with that 'him' I was telling you about and
I'm really nervous... I really should've just told
my other friends to alll come tooo!!! ughh OTL OTL

Hey Jae oppa, are you nervous for me too??? XD HAHA
Oppa, please wish me luck okay? I wonder if 'he'
will ask me to be his girlfriend tomorrow... If he does,
I don't know my answer yet... well, I guess I'm going
to tell him to give me some time to think about it!!
AHH i'm kinda nervous...

and guess what oppa... I think for the first time,
I lied to my parents :( well, you know~ I couldn't
honestly tell them that I'm going with his "alone".
So I basically half lied ;( I feel bad.... but forgive me? ><
I don't think it's a harmful lie.... .____.

But yes, he's a super nice person, so oppa, you
don't need to worry for me HAHAHA BUT you can
get jealous for me!!!! XDDDD

Oh oh~ and I got my marks back for my final exams!!
I did a lot better than I thought!!! congrats to me heh?

OHOH!! and I sent my resume to Faceshop yesterday
in a nearby mall~ you know! that korean beauty shop
featuring kwan sang woo? is that his name?
When i work there, i really want to take his posters
off and put TVXQ poster all around the store...
but you know, that is not possible LOL

Oh, but I'm working in a japanese bbq restaurant on
Monday, and I'm going to bring TVXQ songs to play
while i work ^^ And seriously oppa, if you ever
come to Canada, please come and eat okay???
You must visit meee ><

OH OH theres so much to tell you... I went to
sing karaoke with friends yesterday,,, AND THEN
there were A LOT of TVXQ songs!! i was really happy*

The songs that were there:

I was so happy, I think i almost cried! But i'm not very
good with singing, and I totally screwed up with
Forever Love OTL teach me how to sing next time? keke

Okay okay, there are just too many little things that
I want to tell you oppa~ but my fingers are very
sore from typing too much LOL

SO i'll leave it at that today!!!

Love you lots Jaejoong :D

Sweet dreams~ *

feeling a lot better!!! :D 

April 29 [Tue], 2008, 12:37
Annyon oppa~ :D how's ur day?

u know what? i just read one of your UFO replies
and it said that you prefer being called Jaejoong oppa?
With the "oppa" huh? XDDD but i still kinda like calling
you Jaejoongie or joongie or Jaejonng or Jeju *:)
But yesss I'll try to call you Oppa from now on then ^O^

Soo Jaejoongie "oppa" HAHA I'm feeling a lot better
today! I think I had a loong walk with my best friend
in the park and it really brought my spirit up :)
So oppa, if you're ever feeling down, you can try to
interact with nature and hav a loong walk/talk
in the park! It really helps :) But I guess you'll
have to worry about fans noticing you :(
Sooo why not come to where I live???? LOL
I guarantee you peace *:)))

Today, I applied to work at my University's
main library~ I hope I get hired o___o

YOu know, your beautiful you pv is
really amazing! I like it. But for some reason,
when you sing "you're such a beautiful woman~"
I feel soo embarassed LOL!!! XD I know it's not
said towards me, but i don't know, I think that
phrase in general makes me embarassed!
And when i hear YOUR voice singing it, it
doubles the level of embarassment LOL

Joongie oppa, pleas take care okay??
And congrants on getting ur biceps/triceps back???XD
I love them :D So make sure you eat a lot
and try to sleep as much as you can okay???
Please stay healthy, both mentally and physically!

Love you lots as always ~* (damn this line is so corny/cheesy LOL)

Sweet dreams Joongie oppa*

Love alice*

It's been a loong time... 

April 25 [Fri], 2008, 10:00
Dear: Joongie Oppa *:)

I haven't gone on my blog for the LONGEST time ever.....
and no, that does not mean that I have forgot or lost interest in
you or TVXQ :) In fact, I went to see you last summer in Japan,
both in a-nation on the 25th? and that korean event in Tokyo Dome ^^

Do you know how touched I was to see you??? I almost cired HAHA
NO.. seriously! :) i was super super super touched!!!

Anyways, the reason why I suddenly got this urge to come back to
my abandoned blog was that I really feel like I needed to talk to you...
I really don't know what to do with my life anymore.. Sure,,,,, I'm doing
well in my 1st year of university and I found part time work and my dancing
skills are improving and I'm playing lots of TVXQ songs on the piano...
but I don't know, I sort of feel depressed these days.

There's something I need to tell you oppa. I've met this boy, he's
really good to me. He's like the most caring guy that I've ever met.
The funny thing is, I think his personality reflect you somewhat; in the way
that both of you notice little things and wouldn't mind cooking for your
girlfriend and do a lot of little things (sometimes girly lol) that would
make your gf really touched. I thought I liked him.. but now i'm not sure.
If he asked me out, would I go out with him? I think so. But i just don't
know if it's the right kind of romantic like. Is my 'like' for him strong enough?
Is my 'like' for him proportional to the amount of 'like' he gives me in return?
I don't know... i don't know if it's guilt or is it because I feel like I owe
him too much? Ughhhhhh oppa what should i do? :(

OH i have a question...
oppa, you know how you have so many female fans who are dying to date
you or even go as far as to marrying you? Do you ever feel lonely because
let's say the majority of fans who love you will also love their boyfriend
who they will meet down the road? I mean come on... we would all love
to date you, but what are the chances? When it comes down it... only
1 girl out of 100000000000 girls are able to get together with you lol
I would say we have all seen the light/shade of reality, so not every one
of us is committed to wait for you... i mean, I even wonder if I'll ever be
able to talk to you face to face? And SM and AVEX is so strict on you... i don't think
you're allowed to have girlfriends? So do you ever feel lonely?
A better question.... would you feel lonely if I went out with 'him'? HAHA JOKING ;)

This is the longest post ever... forgive me. But seriously, it makes me feel
so much better to pour out my feelings (:

OK i asked lots of questions today, but one last one!!

I know it's a really cliche question... but if you can choose, would you
choose to stay with someone who loves you more or someone who you
love more?

Love you oppa, now I must cram for my psychology final tomorrow HAHA
(it's my last final~:) )

Love, alice*

p.s. I'm taking intensive Korean in summer school :) heard its VERY intensive
so I'm worried :( wouldn't it be so nice if you can teach mee?? HAHA

p.s.s. WHy won't you come to my university or vancouver or even Canada to do
some photoshoots??? the weather and scenery here is really nice... really *:)

Finally done with exams! 

June 23 [Sat], 2007, 12:27
Oh my gosh... haven't realized that I haven't updated since March!!! @3@)!!!

Anyways, I am finally done with my exams ^^ Yay~!!!
Now I have the whole summer for TVXQ~~~ (vUv)
Anyways, I have a message for you ^^

Dear TVXQ:

Congratulations on finishing your Japan 2nd Live Tour!!!
Although I couldn't go, I was cheering for you 200%!
I'm so happy that it was a success, and thank you so much
for your hard work ^^ You guys really deserve a break!

Please do me a big favour and give yourselves a pat on
your back for a job WELL DONE! ( to Joongie oppa: please give
yourself a little pat on your head from me ^^)

Now, I really can't wait till SUmmer when I get to see
you in real life in a-nation ^^ Please take care of your health!!!

Sleep tight Joongie oppa* love alice

Body Piercing 

March 29 [Thu], 2007, 13:57
March 28, 2007

Dearest Jaejoong Oppa:

How are you doing today oppa? Today, I just found out that
you have a lot of piercing. I felt bad because I've been your
fan for quite a long time now, but I never knew how many or
where you have it... But now i know =)

It kinda shocked me to know that you had a belly button +
a nipple ring...OTL but don't worry, my love for won't
change >3< It just made me depressed knowing that
you get body piercing when you're stressed out.

I wonder if that's healthy? I hope that whenever you encounter
problems or difficulties, you can handle them calmly and
show your true emotions whenever you're hurt.

Please don't keep it all inside yourself ^^ We all care a lot
about you!!! Whatever face you show us, I'll always like you
no matter what =)

Sleep tight oppa* love you


March 26 [Mon], 2007, 13:59
March 25/2007

Dearest Joongie oppa:

Today is the last day of Spring Break OTL OTL
My feet hurts a lot because I worked today...did you know
that I work in a Japanese Ramen Store? ^___^ If anytime
you want to eat ramen in Canada, please come by my
store okay? hahaha

A few days ago, I just got news that Rain (Bi) might have
a concert in Vancouver....How I wish it was TVXQ!!! (T^T);;;
But it's okay...because if you can't come to Canada, then
I'll just have to go to Korea , Japan, or China to see you ^3^
I don't know when it will be....but i'll make a promise that I will
go see you oneday*

Sleep tight oppa* love you


March 25 [Sun], 2007, 15:04
March 24
Dearest Joongie Oppa:

Guess what? Today me and my 4 friends rented some
movies and we had a movie night at my house ^^
We watched one scary movie and one comedy XD
It was really fun...but I miss seeing you >////<

Anyways, school is starting in 2 days from now...
I don want to go back to school T^T And I have
work tomorrow....... OTL OTL OTL

But I've got to earn money if I want to see you
in the summer right? SO i guess I have to do
my best!!! Aja Aja Hwaiting!!! I hope you're
resting and eating properly. Don't overwork yourself
okay? ^^

Sleep tight oppa* love you

March 23rd 

March 24 [Sat], 2007, 14:58
Dearest Joongie oppa:

How are you today? I hope you're healthy and living your day to the fullest ^^
Today, I went to the library with my only guy friend. I think my mom and sister
both misunderstood...even though it seemed like a date, it really wasn't.
But I've got to admit that I've had great time XD

I'm hoping that you can have a concert in the summer, since I can't go to your
2007 Japan tour due to my exams >< If your tour was after the 23rd,
I could've gone!!! T^T But its okay, because I believe that oneday I'll really
be able to see you in real life ^U^ Until then, I'll just have to cheer you on
from all the way in Canada >3<

Love you oppa, sleep tight*


March 23 [Fri], 2007, 14:46
初めましてw このブログは東方神起を愛する私の日記みたいなものにしてもらいます^^

Dearest Joongie Oppa:

Ever since heroshock closed down, I've been feeling lonely because I
wasn't able to write anything to you >< But through this blog, I hope to
share a part of my life with you ^^ Although you may never see this blog,
I hope that I can be somewhat of your support, and please always remember
that you have a lot of fans who sincerely love and support you from the
bottom of our hearts.

Love you oppa, sleep tight ^^*
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