It is indeed the sixth layer

May 31 [Fri], 2013, 10:14
The 290th chapter of terror "call gravity! Fifth layers of gravity room! This is some pressure." Standing room in the fifth layer peak gravity, eyes bright, faint with excitement. Feel the strands of the efforts from all sides of the extrusion from their peak, body muscle like the wave gently wriggling, immediately that a solid luxuriant vigorously took nearly seven. While the three layer pressure that only just lets the peak face has a dignified. "The pressure is just slightly have some pressure, but I still can resist easy, it seems the strength is strong too much. There are only three of this... To study a double." Peak grinned, spending several arm, then toward the jade platform central walk... "Good good sword! These three sets of sword is indeed the five gravity chamber! Each one has a lot of one's own knack in, now I can only be forced to remember them, and then slowly understanding." After a long time, the peak it slowly closed the book, the mind lightning flashes of various move, thin taste in mind for a long time, it will once again looked at the energy of six layer gravity room door. Now because of some eager to use the stars Miaoyan liquid, peak did not delay too much time in the. "Sixth layers of gravity room! I remember that in the fifth layer has almost reached the limit, the pressure of being prostrate themselves, then by virtue of the leilong blood brother, forcibly broken into sixth layers of gravity room, just a pity,Cheap Oakley M FRAME, almost breaking into the moment, is that almost ten times greater than the five layer of the gravity chamber the earth gravity oppression blacked out. Now than I was tough to know how many times, I was going through a break!" Body joints Pi Pa pull force a rattle, the peak in the eyes with hot. Hard against the strands of the ubiquitous great pressure, peak not hesitate in big strides toward the six layer of energy to the door. "Broken!" Eyes like electricity peak and have a sound, right as the hammer - no fancy heavy hitting on energy gate of yellow soil. "Mao cha..." With the peak of the low voice, the door is almost instantaneous energy fragmentation,Air Jordan Flight 9, change is a soil yellow energy ripples, then presents the sector towards the square radiating from... Sixth layers of gravity room door, breaking! "Puff! Plurk! Plurk!..." Any shares of spilled the tremendous energy hit on his body, the peak is still standing in situ did not move. Black wind blowing a fluttering sound energy, peak subconscious Tim Tim lips, body muscle strange wriggling, then step into the sixth layer is the gravity chamber! "Rumble..." Almost at the summit into sixth layers of gravity room instantly, a monstrous Juli like waves topple the mountains and overturn the seas chung. This majestic Juli seems inexhaustible, heavy mountains was weigh down. Rao is the peak for, or is this I Juli impact one was tough, heavy tread the fluorescence around the pale blue halo of sapphire surface, it can stabilize the body. "Call! Strong gravity! It is indeed the sixth layer!" The peak face be turned red,Coach Bags Outlet, body muscle strange crawling, as far as possible.
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