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The first chapter IV even with rival Guo humble sincerity "humble," he said: "Shuxiao Chang, I am also a shot in the dark rumors say just now, in the end it will not necessarily immediately restore it." For Guo Zhuo sincere modesty, Shuxiao Chang is endless emotion, heart more and more that this child is not simple: young age from his little of that "respect knowledge, respect talent," the article infer the state should reopening, this is how to sharp. Say that he has, and he is not sure, but doubted his inference, against no ah. Although the country has not officially announced, but the message passed down from the capital, are now everywhere in talks about it, but no official come out to clarify, in Shuxiao Zhang seems this message is certainly not groundless, in all likelihood is true. Decades of life experience had taught him that sometimes civil even rumors accurate than the official documents, but also true, the speed is much quicker. "State reopening things certainly right." Shu Jiaochang heart has identified it. Previously, when the Guo Zhuo Cheng Shu Jiaozhang When a child, a younger students to see, but now he regarded him as the same man, although he thinks Guo Cheng Zhuo little CANADA GOOSE YUKON BOMBER TORONTO older than him, but he was worse than knowledge, experience extensive than he, he is embarrassed in front of him, said the teacher. Especially to see him guide her daughter and that her daughter Shu Qiao Liang generally pretty cool homework, I find that the child's level exceeds the level of the school most of the teachers, he must call him to his daughter Guo teacher, regardless of her daughter's embarrassment. Shu Qiao still tweaking uncertain when the beams have been foreseen cool mouth shouted, "Guo teacher" Hande abnormal natural and cordial. Shu Qiao finally forced, had also begun to Guo teacher shouted, but it takes a very small voice mosquito called you win. Guo Zhuo Cheng did not make any embarrassment, they shout with what he promised. Has a past life he felt when their teacher more than enough, not to mention that he actually helped them homework, not a teacher, what is? Kuo Cheng Zhuo really to see the teacher itself, promised to be so altogether, Shu Qiao white at him bitterly. Because his father supervision reasons, she had to cry, but she tried to avoid dealing with him, you really want to question the purpose, try to find a cool beam to come forward, instead of by her ask. She did not expect is that embarrassing things yet to come. Etc. Guo Cheng Zhuo leave ready to go home, the couple have to stay Shuxiao Zhang Zhuo Cheng Kuo can not eat. At the dinner table, Shuxiao Zhang told Guo Cheng Zhuo fraternizing actually put Shu Qiao's face was blood red one bashfulness: My Dad, you are brothers with him, I'm not your daughter became his niece? Her shy look so Guo Zhuo Cheng Du bangs, so he could not help think of the day that scene. Shu Qiao seems to know Guo Zhuo Cheng thought of embarrassing scene that day, while the parents do not pay attention bitterly and mercilessly cut out at him, despise grunted, the sound is very low, but enough to sit next to Guo Cheng Zhuo listen to. Liang cool gently smiled, his eyes from time to time in the face Kuo Cheng Zhuo stay a while, do Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Sale not Shiyou Shu Qiao face for a moment, though she did not know why so wait to see Shu Qiao Cheng Kuo humble, but she knows they are two of the Rooms sure what happened. Liang Shu Jiaochang couple cool now often stay at home to dinner, she often from home to give them what little vegetables. Shu Qiao and Liang cool has become not pro sisters sisters, Shu Jiaochang couple like her. "Tuk Tuk" is dinner time, a knock out. No other Shuxiao Zhang's wife to open the door, outside a youth shouted: "Uncle, I am Xiao Guizi you home?." The door opened, a youth wearing a short-sleeved white shirt came in smiling, politely greeting: "uncle, aunt, How, with guests ah." Shuxiao Zhang quickly Fangxiawankuai, stood up and asked: "Xiao Guizi, you come? Quick, quick sit down to eat." Shuxiao Zhang's wife took his shoulder bag down on the ground, said: "go wash, washing the face for dinner." Guo Cheng Zhuo almost laughed voice to: Xiao Guizi? Not famous Weijue Ye do? Such as sitting table, Shuxiao Zhang asked: "Yin Gui, now do not get rid season? Farming is more time, how do you come? Was not at home what happened?" Yin Gui's eyes almost never left Shu Coincidentally body, listen to uncle asked him, he froze for a moment, before answering: "The family did not happen and I've heard nothing to restore the college entrance examination, I would like to come to Uncle, help me tutorial about homework. My mother also said that she would like to ask Qiaoqiao summer vacation can come to my house to play, I "He spoke haltingly, Guo Cheng Zhuo Wei Jueye feel very uncomfortable about this. Since Yin Gui came, kept his head down Shu Qiao suddenly raised his Timberland Boots Factory head, interrupting him as saying: "I do not I have tuition" Yin Gui's face became flushed look, he turned around and looked Shuxiao Zhang's wife said. : "Auntie, my mom and I ask you what time Qiaoqiao marriage settled? betrothal when are we going to do wine." Shu Qiao Qiao Lian has become red, but soon white. She slammed a bowl put aside walked up to the bedroom and said: "I do not agree with me something I call the shots." Yin Gui hastily looked Shuxiao Zhang, said: "Uncle, this is not to say that good before you ? next year I can go to work on a temporary cement plant, and as a work as long as the performance is good, can solve Account "Shujiao Zhang old head into a maroon, he growled when he said:" Ask your aunt. "Shuxiao Zhang wife eyes dodge, and finally looked at Yin Gui, said: "Xiao Guizi, this thing is a joke before, when you were little and relatives also jokingly talking about it, how can you really?" Yin Gui anxious, quickly said: "What a child to say, last year said everything. said Qiaoqiao betrothal of high school, you, Auntie, you are not to be right when chenshimei?" ashamed of the way the couple looked Shuxiao Zhang, Guo Cheng Zhuo could not help but said: "This is Chen Shimei stretched the truth on the matter? do not say you have not betrothal is a betrothal can also go back and ye genetically related, how can marry, National Marriage is not allowed. then a / 2 The first chapter IV even with rival even with the first chapter IV rival, to a URL
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