want their openings with husband's

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Six hundred and ninetieth chapter and this time Huang Yanan what seemed to think of it as the time when the front end to his own brother, a telephone call, let yourself get two boxes of cigarettes helped that he was listening to is furious, in the family When a shortage of such a thing is, it's more money to spend two only, as you have to help yourself? Back to the thought for a moment, do the time their brother had helped to get this is to let their cigarettes? He would not dare, and his brother-opening, so only to find themselves, want their openings with husband's brother. Thought Huang Yanan have looked at the smoke, it is a common packaging ah simply can not see any good come out of this thing to be so attractive it? His brother although usually when a little prank, but also more flexible in all aspects, if he wants to get a few boxes of cigarettes, it should not be too troublesome is. Taking advantage of idle effort, Huang Yanan also out of the room to the phone and called his brother, but after such a long time was only switched telephone. Listening to the sound of the phone side Yiyi Ya Ya, Huang Yanan also could not help a bit wrinkled his brow, "have been few, how can you not up yet, give you two minutes, I'll let you wash sober look, and then talk to me. "Huang Yajun bed surface is very confusing hung up the phone, but the phone just inside the handle down, it's all of a sudden it was suddenly sat up. The violent action, and even lying on his side of the woman also gave awakened over, she just heard on the phone, but did not expect such a big shock to Huang Yajun, watching jumped out of bed to go Huang Yajun, lying in bed The woman touches the surface remarkable grace touched cigarettes and lighters, self-care point of one, but this time Huang Yajun with a towel to wipe his face with water droplets, which came out from the bathroom and saw the bed face woman This action, it touches a hand inside her cigarettes to wins over, bitter smoke, but also a slap shot in her big butt above. Woman writhing his waist, leaning over the Huang Yajun body, with very sweet voice said: "runner, you look like how it looks like it is the fear? My husband to find you the right, he is not to bring knifed you, in my opinion not so cumbersome, directly put your third leg to cut down on the line, I see how you Happy. "Huang Yajun is shaking his head, trying to be to sober himself up, behind this woman touches a lot of flavor, but too ferocity of some, if not his own younger sister called me and said to myself that nothing will climb up, "Well, okay, you Do not make trouble, let two people at most, be regarded as mutually seduce, if you put me to my third leg of waste, and after where to find such a person. "said, when Huang Yajun also deliberately screwed up their own body, in which the woman's pregnant dig a. "Virtue" But this saying is definitely pro full meaning, looked at the watery eyes, Huang Yajun also could not help shaking a bit, "big morning, you do so the sweet okay? My elder sister just to call , I do not know exactly what happened, but seemingly recent addition to seduce you outside and did not commit any mistakes Yeah he did not know who I hit my little report, and if let me know, get him the grandson. "But now although the tone was very hard, but pick up the phone is completely changed a tone, the girl behind the gas is reached in Huang Yajun inner thigh, severely wound one put, pain Huang Yajun directly on the fly, the tears and snot on almost all are flying out. "Sister, I am looking for something very honest ah ah I recently did not commit anything, do not believe you ask my mom, it does not work you can ask Dad." Aside and said, Huang Yajun also rubbing his thigh, Some Ziya Liezui. Huang Yanan slightly grunted, "to ask you something, and I remember some time ago you asked me cigarettes thing, how did the same thing that you said to me clearly." "Ah, my goodness." side of the Huang Yajun also breathed deeply, "I thought out what extraordinary thing, which scared me, sis, or you talk with the third brother, after all, you are his sister-in-law, so that definitely say a word, I can not log him the door, do not have vertical eyes, I looked at his face that I felt nervous, will accompany guests on the go, good suspension did not put me to scare wet his pants. "" That get to give me less pull the other. "Huang Yanan is a sternly said," small waves to your brother sent two boxes of cigarettes over the beginning I have not as the same thing, just when eating fruit If this thing to put out, what is that smoke, I just looked at them, look how nothing, packaging very general way. "" ah, whoops my younger sister, I beg you, give me Several bar "phone side of Huang Yajun also cried and said:" San do not know how to think, do not know who let the above chiefs to grant a note, the following people actually take this note to the Shanghai Tobacco Factory, customized handmade Chinese two parties, that is, two hundred cases, there is not just Shanghai, Beijing and even have trouble inside opened. "Huang Yanan heard this time it was some consternation," how small waves so much courage, even holding a sliver buckle down to this sort of thing, this thing open but will say that if the smaller life. "'younger sister, and that you do not understand, the third brother is what people ah now four NINE people inside no one dared talk things sliver San batch, whoever says to take this thing, that is not trouble yourself, like the third brother who does not know when, but Young Grandpa confidant confidant, I listen to the things spoken father , the third brother to do it would not be so blatantly, but a means of extra things you ask your dad gave me a few younger sister now, today, I do aircraft in the past. "put down the phone after Huang Yanan also face Youse came to the table and North Face Scy Sale sat down next, has been left until after such WANG Li-sheng said: "small waves this thing you know?" Shen punctual nod, "This thing he has told me, you do not worry , the small waves sometimes do things looked very insane, but his character is above if not deliberate, he never hands, you led the children to play on the line. "Huang Yajun put down the phone after is excited jumped three feet high, the woman looked at the bed surface, but also directly to jump up, lying in bed face this woman never thought of actually will spring the second time, but also excited overdone, have been waiting for into the afternoon, when two people woke up, looked at Huang Yajun phones, is shrieking loudly, "Nima, I'm not an airline booking it," the woman lying there, directly to hug the Huang Yajun's neck and gave him in his chest pressed on, "I said runner-up, do not smoke on two broken? As you like this, wait a minute there I give a call and let their votes send you over. "Huang Yajun above in that chest for a Niwai only after re-lying on the bed. "What is a few broken cigarette, four NINE these various dandy, there is even one, you put the cigarette in front of their eyes, do not play badly beaten strange, this is a completely cigarettes status symbol, Who do you think can be approved as a sliver out, even if it is granted that note, you can go to Shanghai there people really care about you do? who know you are doing, without any side Babel relationship, you do not even think. "" You say that the third brother is SHEN SHEN three little it actually heard his name, but he is the man looks like a very low-key way how to dry out such a high-profile thing, this time to too much like his style. "" You know what to where it was, "Huang Yajun also hum or two," the third brother this person is very unpredictable, to be honest I am quite afraid of meeting him, good In this meeting is not so much the number of times a year, if there is a one back two back it up incredibly, he told you people like me are not the same, even if we are afraid want to learn can not learn. "" So you say there is no Trillium Parka CG55 UK public pool? "Huang Yajun deep sigh," You did not see him personally, if you see him I know you, if you can gaze at his stick three minutes of the time, I'll give you what you want to buy what you want me to do I'll do, but fortunately I look like her husband is not the same with him, otherwise I do it really no way out. "And this time they two population SHEN, this time being with a soft cap, the back of one shoulder backpack, in this market above sauntered walked, waited until after here, SHEN until now this is simply not antique market, more like a tattered city, but still feel this atmosphere SHEN novelty compared with their child in the family of the old city is almost, but much larger, home inside that compares with this, a little of scale the feeling is not worth mentioning, SHEN also great interest from the heart. Go ahead came the old electrical appliances market, SHEN and not much interest in this, but there's some old LP aroused no small interest to SHEN, he is also heard in a long time at this location, pour yourself not necessarily To buy, mainly because these things give yourself a very nostalgic feeling, after listening to more than ten minutes later SHEN was spared this area, and then go inside the so-called Book Fair, and a pile of pile in there is like a hill same. SHEN looked left hand is slightly move a little, but the thought is to go out again, looking for a dray, the owner is a more than 50-year-old man, evidently also waiting live, Shen Lang smiled and nodded to him, "Today I pack you, you follow me stroll to the old city, to help me pull something." car owner looked SHEN is exposed to simple and honest smile, "my day better if more than one hundred dollars, well, then what are fishing may be less than one hundred a day you pack my things, but can not pull it too far, otherwise need additional money, you see that okay? "SHEN faint smile from his hand to touch the inside out two paper tickets out of his wallet will come up from time to conspicuous here, you know what this place looks like part of everyday people have, despite their fear, but do not want to such a mess out of trouble. "I heard this old city is Saturday Sunday two days' time, I will come back tomorrow may, this is the price of the package you two days afterwards extra you three." "Well, you compliment my guest. "took SHEN hands on the money, deliberately thrown in the air for a moment, and then it gently pinch, this carefully pulled out of his pocket, carrying a rope, is placed inside the pants, SHEN did not care smile, "You walked behind me on the line, I will look around" dray although not small, but old property market is also quite large, just on the edge of Riverside, so it would not be very difficult, Shen waves back to the bookstall re-place it inside the guild regulations SHEN still very clear and sell it to burden of fixing prices, but to buy, then it depends on the circumstances, some in books Lunjia, some with bundles Lunjia , a place where a rule, there is nothing surprising in this. SHEN pick and choose the books piled up inside, and had some businesses also complained because the books did not like him like this, but SHEN touches unceremoniously picked up a book over, plucking a few random, Then they throw the owner, the owner looked at the book eyes are lit up, put the book directly to their locked drawer, and then not in the to ignore, just the main open book when looked at his watch a. Do not know exactly how the Lord makes that means a small stack of folders directly in the book was, but actually is not clamped together, but separately clamped from the outside point of view there is not even any of the same book, is actually very cautious a man that he took advantage of a drawer inside, also looked at the note, but not too much of ten, and all are true, and today can be really Fortune is high ah this money earn happy. SHEN doubled after two bundles of books, just about to leave, one seemed to pay no attention to what is seen as a little finger pad tables that store owner a few books, the store owner is cunning smile, "the table is too heavy, and all pads for many years, take up is not so easy, or you look at the other. "SHEN reach their own pockets touched one, nor the number of how much money is placed directly in front of the shop owner, shop owner complexion is a joy, but it does not Shenshouqujie this money, but put a hand to lift up the table, Nima ah If heavy weight, then how could one hand it up, and the ground below gave these books took up SHEN looking to following these dirt, but also shook his head, looking for a bag to pack clearance north face the book is good, then also put the money on the table top, so that has been standing outside the car owner, to choose their own books gave into the dray above. After visiting several bookstores, the dray at less than half had been installed, and SHEN and went two, but now there is nothing mean, there are not many things of interest to make their own, out of the bookstore after , and then began to move forward bifurcation, and a city is a dog and cats city, the other one is the old material market, SHEN thought the city decided to go here to see the dog, a lap down, SHEN also have a very fun feeling. The inside of the kennel with the family situation is completely different, both large and small dogs, it is lively. Some even puppies are born, and a large dog also has one meter tall, posture is very huge, of course, there are Tibetan mastiff, but it can not tell the true and false, SHEN kennel inside this thing did not make, pour not afford, but SHEN not like, although many cats and dogs here, but SHEN did not phase one, in fact, SHEN mainly see is a dog, cat SHEN as not particularly interested. Out of here, I SHEN also stroll in the old city inside of it, there is the old-fashioned way to sell everything empty bottles, old-fashioned telephone, clothes, shoes, etc., in other places these things probably dump stuff But even here all are placed together trading. Of course, a sturdy frame can occasionally see a few guys put in some so-called selling antiques, saw that it was then the same thing, but really if the take on the hand that is another matter up. When passing a booth, SHEN very casual glance at, but instantly SHEN on another step backwards, directly in front of the stall squatting down, SHEN also put their left hand to put the beads give off to his right hand above the stall saw SHEN hand touches the beads above the eyes also help lit up, and then also a few people around to play a look. Originally it was cold all of a sudden on the bustling stalls up, SHEN'd looked around a few people on their side, and then also the stall smiled, "There are gloves?" The words not only stall Some silly, or even stall above everyone else some absences, what is the main too elaborate, or that there are other purposes. Looked stall shaking his head, SHEN also stand to see a bit of the car behind the boss, "Can you help me to buy pieces of white gloves over, I saw the booth, just near there, and the rest to buy two bottles Water on the line. "No more long time, store owner took a few pairs of white gloves over, SHEN did not pick up the water, but take care of to bring a white glove while wearing gloves laughing watching This stall, "I can do to get started?" stall looked SHEN, directly Hey laughed, but also stood up, "Yeah we're a little brother of the sale, if you optimistic about something, I'll give you a price that you feel high or inappropriate, I do not hard sell, if you see fit, then you will buy, who do not suffer. "SHEN looked down at her hands above white gloves, but also hum smiled, "Well, I speak for the other way, I gave you this stall pack down, how a talk?" "all pack down, brother, your tone is too big. "" not so big is my problem, the question is how much you drive the price? "
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